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I just meant for this to be a fun quiz. It even has an answer. You can learn a little about value betting, bluffing and ranges from it though.
Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug That's stupid, if he has the nuts and you bet, why wouldn't he try to make a value raise over the top? Your money is already on the table, so he can't actually lose anything by reraising. Even amatuers would reraise with the nuts if someone bet into them on the river. Because he thinks whenever you bet you have the nuts.
Quote: Originally Posted by EL72 Bet, and if he raises, fold. Very close. He will never raise you though. With the nuts he will either call if you bet or bet if you check. All other hands he will fold if you bet or check if you check. So I'd say that we want to bet most of our hands. But are there any hands we want to check? nuts = best possible hand
Quote: Originally Posted by EL72 If he's that predictable, it's pretty obvious what to do against him (depends on the other players too tho). If he bets on the river, fold unless you feel really lucky. Or bet high and raise on earlier cards if you have a good hand to get as much as you can from him early on. His is a losing strategy in the long run so he will self-destruct slowly if you play him consistently (assuming he is as predictable of course)....
Pop quiz. Say you're playing someone who will never call a bet on the river (last betting round) unless he has the absolute best hand. When you bet on the river he always thinks you have the best possible hand and when you check he will only bet with the best possible hand. What's your strategy against this player?
Quote: Originally Posted by Pennglock I played quite a bit in college, online and otherwise. The biggest prize I ever won was $9000 in for 3rd place in a tournament at Pokerroom.com. I used to make around $10-$15 an hour playing the small-stakes tables at Partypoker, while working at my jerkoff campus job. This was at the beginning of poker's little boom when ESPN first started broadcasting the WSOP - there were a lot of newb fish for the taking...
Here's a site that compares different poker sites. http://www.tworags.com/
I think The Ritz is closing in July for renovations and won't reopen until January. A shame because The Terrace is a beautiful place to have dinner. David Paul's is quite nice but overpriced imo. Mala overlooks the ocean and has does creative, good lunches and dinners. Longhi's does an excellent breakfast/brunch. Well worth it even though you can't book and it is usually crowded. I'd second Roy's as a choice. Good food and it always seems to be lively...
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