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Some classic cybersex chat
Any Star Trek fans?
If I were the CEO of a fortune 500, I'd dress as inconspicuously as possible.
From Harry Enfield Women Know your Limits. Jurgen the German
Eric is not the only visionary on this forum. I too have applied for design patents for my unique fashion creations. I believe my work, like Eric's, is revolutionary. Plus a lot of math curves were involved. I present you with my practical yet stylish designs 100% silk Also available in black, navy and gray. 7-Fold Eric, I realize you are a bigshot in the business and don't have much time for someone starting out, but any insight or advice...
This thread reminded me of a parody of Barbie Girl. Guy: Hey ya Tiffany.. Girl: Hey Rocco Guy: You wanna go down the shore or what? Girl: Friggin 'a. I'm a Jersey girl, in a Jersey world. I look fantastic, my pants are plastic. Watch my booty shake, crankin' up Whitesnake, I love Jean Claude Van Damme and my Trans-Am. Guy: Get your token in Hoboken Girl: I get on the train, it's a major pain. Guys are starin', at my friend Karen. Our boobies are fake, we...
Quote: Originally Posted by EL72 Sorry but it doesn't make sense. If you have the best hand, then you have the best hand, no further speculation is necessary. If he has pocket aces with an A, 5, 8, 10 (unsuited) showing and he doesn't raise your river bet, then either he's luring you (inconsistent with your premise) or he doesn't know how to play, which invalidates the purpose of using him in a pop a quiz. Ok let's play a hand: You...
Quote: Originally Posted by lawyerdad Fair enough. I think there's some ambiguity there, but re-reading the original question I see what you're saying. You're right. I never explicity stated whether he would raise or call. I'm sorry about that.
Quote: Originally Posted by laiwyerdad Says who? There's no point in posing the question if you're going to make up facts as you go along. Either he has the nuts or he doesn't. It's just silly to say, "oh, actually he's so dumb he doesn't realize he has the nuts". Says me. In the original question.
I don't know if this affects anyone here, but you can now withdraw funds from neteller
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