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I'm looking for a pair of chinos that have a dropped crotch -- nothing too severe, but still dropped. I bought a pair of pants from Viridi Anne for like $800 that meet my specifications, but are a little bit too strange to wear all of the time. I'd prefer them to be approximately khaki, but any color would be cool. Something like this would be ideal, but obviously they're sold out:
wish I wouldnta become an investment banka ...
Haha. Analyst?
What about Thom Browne, Raf Simons, Rick Owens, etc. -- I'm assuming those are lumped into "those brands"? Oh well.How safe is SF? I feel very comfortable in Manhattan almost all of the time ... I don't think I've ever felt uncomfortable, but I think that this is the case only because of my lifestyle. Like, there's no reason for me to ever be anywhere that would make me uncomfortable. I keep hearing about Lower Nob Hill and Lower Pac Heights being shady, etc. -- a lot of...
Black Fleece is good enough. What about places to buy, like, Jil Sander or Margiela? Like the highest end. I know that there's Goyard and Hermes and Barneys and Saks at Union Square -- these places are boring. I'm actually very near Fillmore.
And eating? Where can I take my girlfriend to show her that SF is better than NY, even if it's just a misleading 2-3 block radius? Just kidding -- or am I?
I'm moving to Pac Heights in a week or two. Where's the best shopping?
I think the Valentinos are sick. I almost bought them, but they look a little too much like running shoes.
I'm the guy with swaggy sneakers, not the guy who is above shoe trees. I have mad shoes and it's an investment that depreciates at an alarming rate. Will shoe trees stretch them out unnecessarily, or will shoe trees help them keep their shape? edit: I wear dress shoes to work every day and it feels weird/dumb not putting shoe trees in my shoes after taking them off.
So yay or nay on shoe trees in sneakers?
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