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Go to paypal if that is how you made the payment, and ask for a refund open case type of thing, they should be able to clarify this whole thing for you
The length is 34" so i guess this is a 42L?
hahahaha! this is so funny I think i'll be tempted to do the same if being right in front of a vicuna coat
How about guys, do you think Attolini is a better neapolitan look than Kiton? I have tried partenopea & I get the feeling that both attolini & partenopea might be similar fit
Is this jacket still available for sale?
I mean't back of the jacket, sorry
Could I get a reading from the front of the jacket please?
true, looks real nice but u gotta make sure the pants hit your shoes
Hi there, very nice jacket, is the armpit measurement taken from the front or the back of the jacket?
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