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Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff those suits are final sales. so i cant return it back (barring any damage or anything meriting refund) so i will be flipping here for purchase prcie I will be doing the same. I figure that it should be easy to flip a solid navy here if it doesn't fit me properly.
Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff mmm. i like the prices. however i dont like the new gilt interface. so confusing to my computer (not to me) nice. i got the 50r as well. let's hope they fit well. thanks. I grabbed the Navy 54r.
Great suit, I am disappointed that the shoulders are a tad narrow for me, or else I would grab it.
I stayed at a small boutique resort and it was really nice. As I already mentioned, just don't venture down the beach at night and you won't have any problems. The scuba diving was great but I would avoid taking any of the tours to Santo Domingo. There really wasn't too much to see there, just a crowded city and the 4 hour drive was pretty much a near death experience. The service at the resort was amazing, they really took care of us, with the resort even providing a...
Returned not too long ago from a trip to Punta Cana and Santo Domingo. Just use common sense and don't venture out onto the beaches at night. Stick to the resort for the most part and if you are doing any scuba excursions, just use one of the reputable companies. PM if you want details on the companies that I used.
Very nice!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by GraphicNovelty GOMAD mothafucka +1. GOMAD with Starting Strength is the best way to put on some size.
Starting Strength
Quote: Originally Posted by johnny_flapjack Coats that have more of a sweater shoulder sometimes run smaller in measurement in my experience. I've got a coule with no pading that have a measurement that is more narrow than I would expect would work for me and they still work. The only solution is to buy it and try it I've got a Isaia "Dustin" model that is 100% unlined, unstructured SC and it has an 18" shoulder measurement. Narrow shoulder...
Love the SP coat but can't get over the fact that a 44R has 18.5 shoulders....damn you, wish they were 19.5.
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