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Invisalign, I got them at age 25 and they were well worth the investment.
How about some prices for some 44R Navy suits or sportcoats.
Quote: Originally Posted by LucasCLarson #1...lift heavy things
Great idea on checking out the knot. Beach wedding in Mexico must have been a blast.
So my fiancé and I have decided to do a beach wedding in the Caribbean this winter. We are planning to keep it pretty casual. Does anyone have some good ideas for my wedding attire.
Yes, we get everything from grass fed beef, bison, elk, pork, fruit, veggies, and milk. Prices are great and it always feels good to be supporting the local farms.
Quote: Originally Posted by Matt do burpees. +1
I have had this issue with a few pairs of my AEs. I just kept wearing them until they needed to be re-soled. Instead of sending them to AE, I took them to a local cobbler who put much better soles on them. I am not sure of the brand he used but I have been wearing them all over the past year with very little wear in them.
Yes, during a work trip up to Jersey. It was actually quite nice. Great staff.
Great jackets, just wish they didn't have the elbow patches.
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