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If you can take the quick trip to Cambridge, Jacks Tailoring on Mass Avenue is great. It is a very small shop but Jack does some amazing work, you will not be disappointed.
If your friend is taking the polygraph for a law enforcement job, he should just be honest on it. All of those websites that offer little tricks to pass it do not work. Unfortunately with the way these tests work, if the test shows inconclusive or deceptive, your friend will not move to the next step in the hiring process. Any polygrapher out there knows all of the tricks (breathing tricks, etc) that these websites and books teach you.
Quote: Originally Posted by sartort You might want to take advantage of the sale now if you could use the suit in the meantime (before mid November). Typically, RL semi-annual sales are 40% off most items, with an additional 15% on the first day of the sale. However, in sales past, Black Label has only been reduced 30% rather than the 40%. I think ultimately, it's a question of need/timing. You might get lucky and get a better deal a little...
Wondering if I should wait for their sale to pick up a new solid grey black label suit or if I should use the current 30 percent off code.
Jeremy Piven wore a very nice suit during last weeks awards show that he said was Domenico Vacca.
I purchased a king size Monica Bed as well as two Arnez chairs from Room and Board about a year ago. The customer service was amazing and the pieces are high quality. About a month after purchasing the items, I noticed they went on sale (just after New Years). I called the store and they credited my account for the difference. I would definitely buy from them again.
Yes, definitely a scam. Stay away from this one.
Quote: Originally Posted by dah328 Mike, any brand suggestions for high-ride belt holsters? Do you not have trouble with the waist of a slim-fit jacket showing the silhouette of a holster? I have used many different styles and brands of holsters, unfortunately, it is really different for each individual. I recently purchased two from Milt Sparks. Great holsters but because they are custom made, there is a six month waiting list. Your best...
Some photos would be great.
Being in law enforcement, I often have the same dilemma. I would avoid any pocket holsters since they do not work well for suits. I wear slim fit suits and as far as concealed carry goes, I usually wear my Glock 26 on an ankle holster. If I need my primary weapon, I usually carry it in a regular belt holster as the suit jacket will do a good job concealing it. Just choose a high ride holster that keeps the weapon close to your hip. Some of my co-workers use inside the...
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