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Yes, they also offered to do the less invasive surgery (Laproscopic) on me as well. I opted for the traditional. After doing some research, I found that the laproscopic might be a little less recovery time but it is not as stong as the traditional method. I was in pain for a couple of weeks after surgery but the pain killers did a good job. You really just need rest and to let it heal, I have had no issues since the surgery though.
Easier than you would think to get one. I have had two. One about two years ago and the other when I was really young. Sometimes it can be really small and impossible to tell, if that is the case you just need to go to the doctor and have them look at it or take an MRI. If it is bigger, just press slightly on the area, remove your hand and cough, if the skin pops up with a small lump, most likely you have one.
I don't understand how it is a knock off. I have seen tons of leather jackets that look like that.
Quote: Originally Posted by robin Observed at a middle-tier gym this morning in downtown Seattle: * Grunting like a rhinoceros in a Discovery Channel mating special. * Moaning like an actor in a bad porno flick. * Banging/slamming weights after every rep. * Dropping weights to the floor after every set. * Spitting wads of flem into the drinking fountain. * Not cleaning up your sweat. * Not cleaning up your food and other trash in the locker...
Quote: Originally Posted by countdemoney I look at it as a 4th amendment issue and not poor police conduct because of the frequency with which these events occur and because our rights are what these supposed systems of government should be all about -- and somehow we seem to have lost sight of them. I would not react well to my home being invaded or my laptop being confiscated at the border and I really don't think I'd want to live in a community...
Quote: Originally Posted by countdemoney Things like domestic wiretapping, tools like carnivore and its successors, seizures of laptops etc, all point to the idea that we live in an era of zero privacy from Authority. I think this is wrong and well on the way to totalitarianism (communism is more fun to say). Well, if you would stop making phone calls to terrorists, you wouldn't have your phone tapped.
Quote: Originally Posted by redcaimen Yes. I think the govt. should spend some money on educating the public as to the dangers of various drugs just like it should probably point out the results of studies that indicate some foods may cause cancer or something but it has no business controlling what people want to do with themselves as long as they are not hurting or placing in imminent danger others. Drug crimes are like thought crimes. So somebody...
Quote: Originally Posted by Brad How so? If he is still deemed a threat, the gov't can hold him as an enemy combatant for pretty much as long as they want.
Quote: Originally Posted by redcaimen If the marijuana in the package had been widely distributed and completely smoked it would have been by far better than what happened. Two dead dogs, a terrified wife, an angry husband, probably thousands in wasted police costs and just another sad incremental loss in the respect and support for law enforcement that is vital for its proper functioning. The war on drugs is so stupid it makes my teeth hurt. Even the...
Quote: Originally Posted by the.chikor You think? Easy there. Remember, on any type of law enforcement operation, things can go bad. Luckily no one was injured or killed except for the dogs. This one could have been a lot worse.
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