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This has all the makings of some type of Nigerian scam.
I have been using the Men's line of PCA skin for awhile now and the results have been great. It is basically three products and the lotion has SPF 25 in it. Their regular line also has a good face wash and astringent for oily/problem skin.
Try Jack Spade, I hope that is acceptable.
I also picked up some nudies RR in Original Selvage at the Long Island store. Great deals as usual.
Love my tumi bags. These have taken a beating over the last few years, everywhere from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Dubai, Germany and many other fun places. They have held up great and I would definitely recommend them.
I agree that Tumi is great luggage. I have the T-tech pulse line. The 30 inch rolling duffel which has been great, as well as the smaller carry on and garment bag. These bags have been with me to some pretty bad destinations and taken a beating but have held up extremely well and my clothes have never been damaged.
I have used it as well and for $30 dollars, I found it did give me a nice boost prior to my workouts. I also like it more for the creatine component and the fact that it is sugar free.
I have used the Zaino line in the past and the results are amazing but it was just too much damn work for me. I guess I am getting lazy in my age. I now use the wolfgang line (www.autogeek.net). The resuts appear to be as good as the Zaino with much less work. I also use the porter cable 7424 dual action polisher. Great product and its always good to go with a dual action polisher because it automatically moves over the surface so non-pros like myself will not destroy...
There is also a cream called Atopalm MLE that is useful in getting rid of some of the redness. I have very sensitive skin and used prescription acne meds in my late teens. I don't use them any more but really have to stick with certain products that do not cause my skin to get irritated. Also, make sure you use some type of SPF protection on your face because the sun can make it worse.
I have a bunch that I picked up when I was in Afghanistan. Over there they ran about .50 each. They were great though to keep the sand out of your mouth.
New Posts  All Forums: