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Quote: Originally Posted by sartort You might want to take advantage of the sale now if you could use the suit in the meantime (before mid November). Typically, RL semi-annual sales are 40% off most items, with an additional 15% on the first day of the sale. However, in sales past, Black Label has only been reduced 30% rather than the 40%. I think ultimately, it's a question of need/timing. You might get lucky and get a better deal a little...
Wondering if I should wait for their sale to pick up a new solid grey black label suit or if I should use the current 30 percent off code.
Jeremy Piven wore a very nice suit during last weeks awards show that he said was Domenico Vacca.
I purchased a king size Monica Bed as well as two Arnez chairs from Room and Board about a year ago. The customer service was amazing and the pieces are high quality. About a month after purchasing the items, I noticed they went on sale (just after New Years). I called the store and they credited my account for the difference. I would definitely buy from them again.
Yes, definitely a scam. Stay away from this one.
Quote: Originally Posted by dah328 Mike, any brand suggestions for high-ride belt holsters? Do you not have trouble with the waist of a slim-fit jacket showing the silhouette of a holster? I have used many different styles and brands of holsters, unfortunately, it is really different for each individual. I recently purchased two from Milt Sparks. Great holsters but because they are custom made, there is a six month waiting list. Your best...
Some photos would be great.
Being in law enforcement, I often have the same dilemma. I would avoid any pocket holsters since they do not work well for suits. I wear slim fit suits and as far as concealed carry goes, I usually wear my Glock 26 on an ankle holster. If I need my primary weapon, I usually carry it in a regular belt holster as the suit jacket will do a good job concealing it. Just choose a high ride holster that keeps the weapon close to your hip. Some of my co-workers use inside the...
Quote: Originally Posted by pg600rr you got any pics being worn No, just check them out on zappos to get an idea. It is the first pair of Fryes I have purchased. After wearing them around for a couple of hours, they became very comfortable.
I just bought the Frye Owen lace ups from Zappos. After breaking in, they are very comfortable and they look great too.
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