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I would not put any faith into anything that Pakistani law enforcement is saying. Having been to Lahore, I can confirm that place is a lawless hellhole and I have no doubt this guy was getting robbed and defending himself. The local police are only saying it wasn't a robbery because one of the dead guys didn't have any bullets in the chamber, only in the magazine??? How they can use that to determine that they weren't pointing a gun at Davis is beyond me.
Quote: Originally Posted by aj_del There are pics floating around showing he had a official business visa . Dont know if that qualifies for diplomatic immunity Yeah thats a tough one. If he had an actual Dip passport then he should be covered. Not sure about the Visa though.
I saw a report today that he does have a dip passport that was confirmed by the US Embassy. Even Pakistan keeps pushing the issue between their federal government and the Punjab province government.
His diplomatic status will be confirmed in the next week or two and he will be released and sent home. Pakistan is not going to risk all the aid money we provide them over an incident like this.
Quote: Originally Posted by ismelllikepoop your posts look like spam with its giant text links for stuff fs WTF???
Quote: Originally Posted by MBreinin Thanks. Yes, they came from Vittorio, he is my official SP pusher. The deal was excellent. I highly recommend him. Mike I purchased a SP suit from Vittorio as well. Great transaction and love the soft shoulders in the suit.
Quote: Originally Posted by sartorialism Got the suits today (44R) and they're half-canvassed, half-fused. I'll be flipping them here, but before I put them up generally, I'll offer it to the posters on this thread, considering that many of you are expressing interest in the suits. They're great but I like my canvasses! Surprisingly mine fit well in the shoulders. I will keep mine, could make a good beater suit. What color is the striped one...
My guess is that they are all "made in china" crap.
Still have not received mine yet but it should be in the mail tomorrow. I am slightly concerned just how slim it is. I grabbed the 44R hoping that the shoulder would fit (I typically need a 19.5 shoulder) so I guess I will see soon enough. But, as I said previously, it shouldn't be hard to flip a solid navy here if it doesn't fit.
You could take it over to Fields on Wisconsin. I bring all of my suits to him. He can be a bit pricey but his work really comes out great every time.
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