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Prior to moving away from Boston, I used to always bring my suits to Jack. He is a real good guy and my suits always turned out great. Looking forward to using him again when I move back.
Quote: Originally Posted by Johnny_5 Hey dudes. Been doing Leangains for a few weeks and really like that I dont have to spend my entire day worrying about food, BUT my digestion has come to a halt even though I am getting plenty of fiber (beans, broccoli, oats, sweet potato) and drinking a lot of water. Anyone else experience this? If so how did you deal with it? Give some probiotics a try and it should help with your digestion.
Quote: Originally Posted by Storm33 These should be arriving at my house today...okay for summer, or should I park them until fall? Very nice, are those Aldens?
http://borderlandbeat.com Pretty sure this website is not part of Mexico's Tourism Bureau.
This is really me, I don't get out much because I seem to scare kids.
It's real....real ugly.
Quote: Originally Posted by rnguy001 Which model is this?
Fields in Geogetown.
Quote: Originally Posted by haganah This is such nonsense. Such absolute nonsense. And every time I read crap like this I get incensed that we support this government. 2 armed men followed him and tried to "rob" him. He clearly was not there only on business since the embassy sends a car immediately to rescue him. It is very clear he worked in security/espionage/etc. There are reports that the 2 men were actually working for Pakistan's...
Quote: Originally Posted by Ataturk I think it's pretty obvious this is a case of some trigger-happy, rampaging American. Violence against foreigners is unheard of Pakistan. You are correct...I almost forgot that.
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