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Price drop: $210 shipped.
Preparing for a move so I am starting to do a small closet cleaning. First of is a Cucinelli tan herringbone blazer. I purchased this new and had it tailored but it has not been worn. It is 100 percent cotton, 3 roll 2 and tagged a 52 (42 US) but see my measurements. $190 shipped in the U.S. only. Shoulders: Approximately 19.25 Length (BOC): Approximately 30.5 Sleeves: Approximately 25
Price drop - $55 shipped or I am donating to Goodwill.
Price drop - $80 shipped
Price Drop - $90 shipped
I am selling a pair of Nudie Average Joes. These are size 33/34, however I had them taken up (hems reattached) at the Denim Bar in Arlington, VA so the inseam is approximately 32. Color is Worn Rinsed. These have been worn about 5 times, never washed or soaked. Waist - approx. 16.5, Inseam - approx. 32, Front Rise - approx. 11, Back Rise - approx. 13.
Interesting. I am a 9.5E in my Park Aves. Do you know how the width would compare.
Nice...wish I was a size 9.
Prior to moving away from Boston, I used to always bring my suits to Jack. He is a real good guy and my suits always turned out great. Looking forward to using him again when I move back.
Quote: Originally Posted by Johnny_5 Hey dudes. Been doing Leangains for a few weeks and really like that I dont have to spend my entire day worrying about food, BUT my digestion has come to a halt even though I am getting plenty of fiber (beans, broccoli, oats, sweet potato) and drinking a lot of water. Anyone else experience this? If so how did you deal with it? Give some probiotics a try and it should help with your digestion.
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