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Any measurements for the BC Navy SC?
Quote: Originally Posted by Pennglock Maybe I could take my boat down there and shuttle some refugees to Miami. Then, heaven forbid, I catch a rumor about pirates in the area. I'd have to scuttle my boat, refugees on board, and escape by myself on the dinghy. Take all the supplies with me too. On second thought maybe no help at all is better than that... Obviously you have never been to Haiti. I can tell you from experience, that place...
Try exercising.
Quote: Originally Posted by Hangdog Damn bro, I don't know! So many things don't directly affect me, but somehow, I still have an opinion about them, too! Isn't that crazy? Just doesn't seem normal for someone to get so heated up about how other people exercise. Maybe you need to lay off the roids or get a hobby or something.
Quote: Originally Posted by Hangdog I have a grudge against exercise fads. If it doesn't affect you then why do you care what other people do for workouts?
Quote: Originally Posted by Hangdog How many of their videos on Youtube feature hot athletic broads with nice asses? How many of their videos feature some fit, strong guy doing an exercise he's never done before, competing against someone who practices that exercise constantly? I will have fun doing bench presses, overhead presses, weighted chins, pulls and dips and standing bicep curl and presses. John Grimek had fun doing them back in the...
I have the Room and Board Monica bed. This thing is as solid as they come. Really well built. The website really leaves something to be desired, once you see them in the store, you can tell the quality is really good.
Quote: Originally Posted by millionaire75 Absolutely agree. Crossfit has been so humbling. Shoulder flexibility is huge with their workouts and I am finding out that apparently I have none. Agreed. It took me awhile to really get the flexibility to do OHS with proper depth. 9 months of crossfit and there are still some movements that I really feel weak at.
Atopalm works wonders if you get really dry skin. They have a face moisturizer and a body moisturizer.
Quote: Originally Posted by ZackyBoy Nah, I am not. I am surrounded by crossfit douche bags in my BJJ and muay thai classes. They wear their cool CROSSFIT CHALLENGE shirts and talk about their wicked snatch routine and I still outlift them and don't have to weigh 150 because I burn 2000 calories every workout. Gotta agree with Flam on this one. You are an idiot.
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