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Yes, during a work trip up to Jersey. It was actually quite nice. Great staff.
Great jackets, just wish they didn't have the elbow patches.
Do you have the shoulder measurements on the Sartorio?
Take a look at Inov-8 shoes. They make some great trail runners.
Of course you should be eating after you work out. Don't worry about the fact that it is at night.
Received mine yesterday. Amazing tie and quick delivery.
I only put the number of people living at my address and sent it back.
Technically if someone paid with paypal and received the watch, they could file a claim and get their money back, even though you tell them it is a replica. Since it is fake, its illegal.
Quote: Originally Posted by brlfvr F**cking kidney stones, period. Amen. I would equate it to someone stabbing me in the lower back and lifting me off the ground with the knife.
Quote: Originally Posted by Becks23 ^^^ I think you got it twisted. Fat isn't the enemy... Agreed. The full fat milk will actually slow an insulin spike from the flour. It doesn't really matter if it's whole wheat or white flour, it still produces an insulin spike.
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