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August 23
Just received my shipping confirmation for the camp pants.
Look forward to it. Thanks for the response. Been trying to find something with either unpadded or soft Neapolitan shoulders.
Rick, any plans to offer suits with unpadded shoulders? Love that feature in some of your sportcoats.
Yes great job TS on the measurement charts. Now I realize I funded the wrong size camp pant but I'm sure I can get it fixed. Love the new update.
I love their products. My Jack Oxford that recently arrived is a perfect fit and the quality is top notch. With that said, my current issue is the change in the sizing chart. I still have no clue if the current pants are true to size or if the old size chart still applies. I sent a message to them a few days ago and am waiting to hear back. My experience with their customer service has been great which is one reason I continue to buy from them. I think they need to do...
@mikegnthensome any plans for additional colors on the Yosemite shirt this season?
Thanks for the response. I'll reach out to TS and see what they say.
Ordered my Yosemite shirt but now I'm trying to figure out the camp pants. I really wish measurements were back. I knew my sizing from previous TS denim and pants but based on the new chart, a 34 is a 34?? Much different than the old measurement charts. This is definitely making me hold off on the purchase.
Thanks for the info. I'll size up in it then. Just tried one of the new Jacks and the 42 was perfect.
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