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I didn't notice the pointier toebox but after reading the last few comments it seems a bit more apparent now. I was planning to order a pair but was trying to decide between Junkard and Txture. One thing I like with Txture is the choice of the last. Their Budokan last has a nice round toe box.
Well TS awesome customer service comes through again. I emailed regarding the broken button and they immediate shipped a new pair and provided return postage for the current pair.
Anyone have issues with the buttons on the camp pants snapping in half? It was only the second wear and it happened. Trying to decide if I can get it repaired locally or if TS will fix.
Loving the new Camp Pants. These are built like tanks and I like the cut. For me the leg opening on the Democratic fit is just a bit too large but it's 7.5 on the size 34 Camp Pants which is a nice taper.
Just received my size 34 camp pants. Waist is 16.75. Leg opening is 7.5.
I'll measure my 34s when they arrive. I exchanged my 33s but dont remember the measurements. The waist did run small though. With that said, exchange was really simple and Mina was very helpful processing it so no big deal.
I noticed the Albion Jacket disappeared from the site after it was funded. I should have grabbed it on the preorder.
Yes, Mina helped me process my exchange today on the pants so as soon as they receive my 33s the 34s will be shipped out. Awesome customer service as usual.
Camp pants arrived. Really solid weight and nice cut. I absolutely love them except I should have not sized down. Slightly too tight in the waist and I don't think they would stretch. Sadly have to send them back to TS.
Actually received my navy Yosemite shirt today. It has some really nice weight to it and very solid construction. I went with the 42 which is my standard size on other TS shirts. The fit is spot on. I'm actually hoping it doesn't shrink in width when I wash it. Glad I didn't size up though as the 44 probably would have been too large. Camp pants should arrive any day now.
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