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I actually like the look of the last and having a wide foot it definitely suits me. I am typically a 9.5E is most of my Allen Edmonds and grabbed these boots in a 9D. They are slightly tight so I'm not sure if I will keep or sell and purchase these in a 9.5. One more shot for good measure.
Randomly grabbed a pair of the Alden J-Crew Indys off eBay recently. I like them but I'm not sure if the last is for me so I haven't decided if I am going to keep or sell.
Just received the navy Grossa (#10). I ordered a 6-fold this time to see the difference between my two recently ordered 4-folds. Once again, David does not disappoint. Here are a few cell phone shots with all three. [IMG]
I order mine at 3.5 as well. I'm 6 ft tall so I think it works well for me. The first two I ordered were 4 folds but I currently have a 6 fold navy grossa on order because I wanted to compare.
Quick cellphone shot of my new arrival. Olive grossa, 4 fold. This, along with a bitter chocolate grossa is my first, and certainly not last Hober purchase.
Extremely happy with my first Ratio shirt. I went for the light blue pinpoint as my test shirt and it turned out great. My tailor did a minor adjustment to the sleeve length (my measurement was off) but overall a very nice Made in the USA MTM shirt. I plan on ordering some more but just have not gotten around to it yet. Customer service could not have been any better.
I would say its time to move onto another company. I recently did an order with Ratio Clothing and not only did the fit turn out almost perfect on the first attempt, their customer service was absolutely amazing.
I have not had too much luck with any off the rack shirts. I have several Borrelli's that fit somewhat decent after a bit of waist suppression but even with those, the shoulders are slightly tight. I loved everything about the Ledbury shit except for the excess fabric on the arms, however I understand that with the regular fit, there is a certain body type that you are marketing for.
My Ledbury shirt came in so here are my impressions. The quality of the shirt is top notch. The shoulders fit perfectly and the collar measurements were spot on (16.5 measured 16.5). The fabric had a great feel and I loved the spread collar. The reason I have to send the shirt back was that there was way too much fabric in the arms. I had to purchase the regular fit since the shoulders on the slim fit are way too narrow for me. I figured I would have to slim it...
Decided to take the plunge and try the blue fine twill spread collar in the classic fit. After purchasing a few Borrellis that fit in the waist but just don't work for my shoulders, I figured I would give Ledbury a try.
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