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Quote: Originally Posted by matadorpoeta i miss alexis' avatar. Sorted. How has everyone been?
Quote: Originally Posted by Huntsman Actually, you should, but the opposite problem. Electric ranges excel in the simmering department, but not in high-temperature applications, where the physics of their operation do not allow for the heat rate, peak temperature, or the instantaneous temperature control of a gas burner. So a good standard of a gas range is how well it can cope with what it does not do well -- the low temperature range -- hence all the...
I don't understand the gentleman's trouble. I cook on a simple Whirlpool electric range and never had problems with temperature control.
Check out the review in this week's New Yorker. Hysterical.
dine and dash
Quote: Quote: (LabelKing @ May 06 2005,01:10) It seems higher quality shoes have a distinct coloration of the leather which shows a high end product. Would you describe that as the difference between full grain and corrected grain leather or is it something else? dan subconsiously, perhaps
If basic, day-to-day functions are being affected, I would seek out a talk therapist. They are good to bounce your thoughts off of, and you will probably leave the office feeling better. What you do NOT want is to hope the hurt feelings go away while you fall into a depression. That is a serious medical condition, and you don't have to go there. Be proactive about it and find a professional to talk to. Maybe twice a week to start, and slowly taper off.
Thanks, Manton.
Has anyone read Bernhard Roetzel's, "Gentleman: A Timeless Fashion"?
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