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Quote: Originally Posted by miurasv Hello Chris. DMC?????? How's it going? You must spend a lot of time at John Ian. I've seen these boots for sale at TK Maxx. I guess they're not anywhere near the standard of Loake Bedale, Grenson Fred etc then. Hit the nail on the head mate, Yeah John Ian is the devil. Small world eh? I don't think John White is as good as the other makers you've mentioned, not many people talk about the brand on here as...
I bought a pair of Whites from Costco for £45, they were of a proper stitched welt construction but the uppers were shocking quality (which at that price is te be expected). I only wanted them for wearing whilst working on the door where they get covered in alcohol/blood/vomit (delete as applicable). Horses for courses i suppose. Chris.
Dont knock a Brand just for being stocked at TK Maxx, I've had some really good finds in there, admittidly there is alot of absolute pants too. As i said, if you're buying a brand you're new to and ae not familiar with its quality, always best to see and have a feel first, failing that you could always just send em back if you're not happy? Chris.
Steve, John White do make some good quality shoes but they also make some absolute tat, best bet is to see a pair in the flesh. Chris
This thread is awsome, some really good replies here. We've all been here i think, found some hot girl and made a complete arse of ourselves trying to seal the deal. My sympathy to the OP but there's plenty more out there, literally billions Chris.
Good morning Ladies and Gents, My name is Chris. I'm a 29 year old guy from Cardiff, in Wales, UK. I'm a car bodyshop estimator through the week and on weekends,I'm a club doorman or bouncer (but i don't much care for the latter title). I joined this forum after reading a few posts and seing just how knowledgable some of it's members are My main fashion vice as you can probably tell from my UN is shoes, I love em, Italian, British and Spanish, as long they're handmade...
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