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Quote: Originally Posted by DLKY Yep, no more corrected grain shoes for me, wish I knew about SF sooner. I did use shoe trees with this pair CG shoes don't absorb any wax/cream which would lessen the creasing, the coating on those shoes looks pretty thick giving it that cheep plasticky look, dont fret about the creasing on these, use them as poor weather beaters and get yourself a new pair in yummy calfskin Chris. ,
Dunno about compliments but if i fancy giving people whiplash as i walk past i'll put on my pair of scarlet RL cords on a sunny day, Those fuckers glow whenthe sun hits em You should see the double takes.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sanguis Mortuum You should stop wearing corrected grain shoes (though that's likely not the cause of the unusual crease). +1 And invest in some shoe trees.
Quote: Originally Posted by Despos Sounds like you have square, forward pitched shoulders This. I suffer from the same thing, i'm pretty large framed and my shirts tend to crease as you describe, if i stand in the mirror and pull my shoulders back the creases dissapear, very frustrating. Chris.
How much did you pay for these if you don't mind me asking? Chris.
I rather like them, I think like the RL example they'd look good with the contrasting collar, not to mention the added aerodynamic efficency of the swept back design will aid you when running for the bus Chris.
Rather like the look of these. Prob not to everyone's taste but I do like the 2 tone Chris.
Thanks for your input guys, I might just go for a pair, my shoes don't get heavy use, and as i don't wear suits to work, just trousers and a polo top normally so i don't need anything too formal, also it's handy if they go well with jeans if i do fancy wearing them other than to work. Chris.
I think I just came a little, ok maybe i'm lying, make that alot! Some gorgeous shoes there.
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