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Like the look of the boot but not loving the sole, only leather for me. Tbh the whole "if you stretch yourself a bit more you could get these" thing is a bit pointless, im sure if I asked the same questions about the barkers someone else would suggest something better for a little bit more. Chris.
Good afternoon gents, I'm hankering after a pair of boots, these caught my eye and was wondering what the sartorial gods thought, unfortunately they didn't answer so i thought i'd ask you guys instead Cheers. Chris.
If you like it and think it looks good, wear it, if not don't, or do you dress purely to satisfy the people here on the forum? I wear a SC with denim sometimes and i like it, obviously certain jeans go with certain colour jackets. Wear what you want, others my disapprove but style is subjective, it's your style so fuck the naysayers. Simplez.
Quote: Originally Posted by LooknGr8 So back to the original topic...what is reasonable to pay for alterations in your neck of the woods by a competent tailor/seamstress? I don't know what certain things are supposed to cost but i picked up a lovely Hilfiger sportcoat on the Wednesday and dropped it off at the tailors the same day to have the sleeves taken up, he told me to pick it up on monday and quoted me £11. not sure what the going rate...
Quote: Originally Posted by greekgeek Might as well go whole hog. I think theses would be perfect if only the sole edge were rounded. Small potatoes, all things considered. Who makes these?
I dont think many Italian shoes will last as long as the "good" British makers. The British stuff is built using the more traditional methods and is made to last, the Italian makers such as Borgioli, (of which i have a few pairs myself and love) are more fashion forward and if correctly looked after will give years of service but IMO will not last as well as the great British shoemakers. Chris.
I see what i mean by looking at the pic myself, this was a 44 reg, i obviously need a 44 long, nevermind, it was a small price to pay.
Well it came, excuse the crappy phone pic, Nice on the shoulders, arms and chest, too big around the waste, is this something thats easily rectified, i'm a tailoring n00b. [IMG] Untitled by chris.lane184, on Flickr[/IMG]
Thankyou, I'll take that into consideration when I purchase my next item. I figured it's a small price to pay if it's not that great.
Hi guys, won my first item of vintage clothing on ebay yesterday, a tweed jacket. Liked the cut of it and it seemed a reasanable price to my (admittidly untrained) eye. I know it will probabaly require some alteration but what do you think, be as mean (or not) as you like. [url="[/URL] Chris.
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