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Quote: Originally Posted by acidboy I would've rushed home in tears, write an entry in my blog, tweet all her friends and post "WHYYY???" on her fb page. that'll teach that slut. This is the way to go in modern society.
Sorry, but they are absolutely rancid!
Quote: Originally Posted by miurasv Most people here in UK think shoes like Loake are the top end brand of shoes with brands like Clarks being perceived as high quality at reasonable but certainly not cheap prices. Loake are poo, lots off corrected grain, and found in outlets, horses for courses but i personally wouldn't touch em
Quote: Originally Posted by pebblegrain If you can't tell any difference, then seriously, this is great fucking news. You can save $700 per pair of shoes and feel like the belle of the ball. seriously
Yeah they're lovely but think they're less versatile.
Good morning gents, was looking on the herring website this morning and came across these lovlies, rather like the colours and the last shape, I'm a fan of the chiselled toe Thought i could wear these with tan or olive trousers band also jeans, what do you guys think? Cheers. Chris.
I have a pair of bright red RL cords, I usually wear em with black shirt or polo top with black belt and a nice shiny pair of black shoes, when the sun hits em, those suckers glow! It's funny watching people double take as I walk past.
How's About these? Chris.
Cheers, I might have a look elsewhere then.
Won't be doing any sloshing, just though I could wear them in substitute of a pair of shoes the same colour, just something different. Chris.
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