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Mate, if you're for real then you're a numpty! If all you're concerned about is what others think then why buy a plain Tee in the first place?
Letting your GF use your mobile for something whilst praying the whole time she has it in her hands that no texts come through from that little hottie you've been texting on the sly.
Can't believe no one has posted this little gem. Stepping on a upturned plug
Some good replies here, i think it's pretty safe to say that SF was a big factor in alot of our downfalls, in a good way obviously.
Quote: Originally Posted by kev777 Church's Grafton Burgundy, now i just cant stop buying shoes I'd say that shoes are easily the most addictive item, especially if you have an eye for detail.
For me it was a pair of Barker Dartford in black calf and bugundy hi-shine, these would probably be sneered at by SF but at the time £140 for a pair of shoes!!! I felt like god in them I did a google search maybe a few days later on something related and found this place, well as you can imagine it all went downhill from there What item got you into the whole sartorial scene and what are your opinions on it/them now? do you still love it or since being on SF do you...
Go for it, you have an excuse to dress him it a doggy tux and bowtie then
Of course you can, we're all friends here
Quote: Originally Posted by sonick +1
Work on the doors kicking out little turds from the clubs, and getting hit on by pissed up foul mouthed women, the joys! On a rare night off I like to chill with a bottle of red or go out for dinner.
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