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Really like these dude, nicely done.
Are these gone?
These look awesome mate, kudos for your balls to spend the cash on something that could have gone so wrong
Just had a look on the site, some VERY nice shooz on there, wanting to kop some of those AS EXC moores in chestnut when funds allow. Times, them's is hard Keep up the good work. Chris.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rangoon That's what all women under the age of 40 look like in Russia. Never been anywhere with so many hot women doing random jobs. You see street cleaners over there who could model in Milan. It's so hard coming back to the UK whee the local talent is almost exclusively made up of overweight women wearing food stained juicy couture track suits pushing prams around waiting for the dole office to open. Sod it, If BMI still...
I'm from Cardiff mate, There are some more niche places, try hawkes essentials, if it's shooz you want then the only place to go is John Ian, the only place in town that has a good selection of proper made stuff, where abouts in "the diff" you from? Chris
Unique is one way of putting it i suppose.
Quote: Originally Posted by Reevolving The solution is not to wear those generic, unimpressive, cliche, banal shirts to begin with. There we are, just give Reevolving your hard earned and let him kit you out, sorted.
Quote: Originally Posted by stinsonbass I've had 2 of my Ralph Lauren polos for 4 years now and they still look like new but Paul & Shark are also amazing I've had a few RL polos, i find they do suffer with the twisty coller problem and they fade quite quick too I agree about the P&S stuff though, it aint cheap but the quality is very good. Chris.
I've found that Tommy Hillfiger polos are pretty well made and seem to last, I've had a yellow/orange one for a couple of years and it still looks new, no collor deformation or fading Chris.
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