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Just had a read of this blog also, thankyou very much Jimmy, really nice to see someone who wants to preserve a dying art and not just promote themselves.
Hi julian, do you offer any discount for SF members? Looking at ordering a couple of pairs of trees. Chris.
Check the fit before you buy but other than that go for it if you like it, if you post a question like this you will get likers and naysayers but unfortunately you will take more notice of the naysayers Just my £0.02 Chris.
I shall do when I receive them, no problem.
Thanks for the honest replies guys, as expected they're either loved or loathed I just think it's good to get something a bit off the wall every now and then.
Indeed, I've pretty much got the bases covered with my modest collection so I fancied something a bit different, something I can go out with and no one else will have anything even remotely similar. And if anyone does take the piss it'll be met with a swift "fuck you"
Hi guys, was browsing the bay last week for any unusual shoes, and came across these Bally bad boys Just had to get them as they were my size and never seen spectators of this style, they should arive in the next week or so, posted are the sellers pics. I'd like your opinions on them, good or bad but keep the sarcasm to a minimum please
Hi guys, looking at these Anyone with any experiance with these, dying to pull the trigger as i really like the look. Cheers. Chris.
Gutted these aren't my size, i'd have snatched them, suppose i don't really need my toes that much
What is the price shipped to the UK? Regards. chris.
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