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Quote: Originally Posted by Sander In a traditional/conservative/classic way you can't wear them so that they're always visible; if you wear pants with absolutely no break, they'll be visible when you walk. But then they might get stuck on the buckle or something... In a more SW&D way you could tuck... don't know if that's your thing. Yeah I'm not very much of the "tucking-in" type of guy.. Don't like the look. Ok this is kinda...
Hi there, I ordered a pair of Alfred Sargent lambourne (the jodphur one) yesterday so I assume it will arrive in a couple of days. Now I am starting to figure, what the HELL can I wear with these shoes; in order for the shoe "to be visible". I.e not cover the shoe. Especially during the winter.. Perhaps there is some other thread discussing this and if not, please attach as many pictures as possible with what YOU think is nice to wear with black jodphurs.. Oh yeah,...
Hello there Interested in buying BLACK jodphurs in size 42-43. Preferably the Alfred Sargent Jodphur or Herring George shoe. Or any jodphur that looks like anyone of those. However, they HAVE TO HAVE a clasp! And be black. And size 42-43. And good looking. And new. And everything else everybody wants. Anyway, send a PM or something, even post here with pictures. Thanks!!
Thank you both for super-fast responses and very educational. Now what I'm looking for is the a look-alike of the Herring shoe, but it HAS to have the clasp and that "band" on it. Yes I assumed it would be jodphur but when I search for jodphurs I only seem to find the ugliest ones out there! Thank you
Hello there, Sorry if I've posted this thread in the wrong forum but I wanted to ask one thing. I am looking for these shoes or any alternatives to them, I don't know what the name of the shoe is, is it jodphur? Anyway, was wondering if someone knows any other page that sell shoes that look like these? Thank you for your time, and again, I apologise if I posted in the wrong forum.
Quote: Originally Posted by whiskeylaureate It doesn't seem like a command to me. Sounds like something google or ebay could solve pretty handily. hello, thank you for your answers everyone! I didnt mean for anyone to look for the jacket to me, I just thought someone might have seen one and could like. Ok, what should I write in Google in order to find it? Thank you and please excuse my english, it isnt my first language.
hello.. im looking for a ralph lauren fischer jacket look-alike. i want the website that sells the jacket to send to europe. this is the jacket i want: if you have seen a jacket like this one, please email me. thank you
as said.. Ralph lauren jumpers, polos, rugbys, you name it. in size Small please. just pm! thank you
Quote: Originally Posted by andyw The hot sausage at Faiico's Pork Store on Bleecker St. in NYC....slowly grilled with flash crisping at the end. Cold Sapporo and perhaps a hunk of crisp Italian bread. Close second is the hot sauage from Ottomanelli's. +1
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