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Hi everyone, Looking to buy a blue or grey SS Washington suit. Preferably out of UK or Europe. Price dependent on condition. PM me!
I sent an email to Meermin before christmas asking on what size I should choose. I am thinking about the monks. Still havent got any response. I am a size 42-42,5 EU in Herring. What should I choose? And also, are they very slow with shipping also? Thank you
I know you know
Hi, Started a thread a day ago about finding a coat with fur. I've realized that I should perhaps buy a coat that fits well and then buy fur (coyote) and have it tailored on. Now I have a couple of questions; assume I want to have coyote fur on the coat - do you think any kind of material (of the coat) works? I.e. is there any material that is preferred with fur or in particular coyote fur? Do I need to think about the material being thick etc or not? Mainly looking for...
Thank you guys. Denning: I think it is detachable; as you are saying. Though I don't think fur fits to all kinds of material on a coat, do you? Also thanks for the links, but the fur wasn't very nice on those. I would refer a colorful coyote. What's going on with the lapels, aren't they very bended or am I seeing something wrong?
Hello, I have attached a picture of a coat I am more than in love with. I was wondering if anyone of you guys know who makes it or where to buy it? Or... any alternative that looks exactly as it It looks as if it's coyote fur on the collar and also, what would you say the material is (of the coat)?   I appreciate any help, Thank you
Hello, I am selling/trading my Barker loafers. They are in black leather with a gold toned buckle. The sole is also in leather and the shoe is made in Italy. I am a size 7.5 UK so 41,5 Eu I think. Fits me well. Looking to sell them for a best offer or maybe trade it with something nice, I'm bored so hit me up with something on PM. Thank you and feel free to ask any questions.
Hello, I am looking for some kind of blog or website on some preppy fall/winter looks. Tried searching allot in the "What you're wearing today"-thread but couldn't find much helpful stuff. I would really appreciate it if you guys could help me out. I've tried looking at Ralph Lauren btw (isn't that like the first place you look?) but I feel I need some more inspiration. Although the ralph lauren look is what I am leaning towards, it isn't too "old".. Keep in mind that I...
Quote: Originally Posted by DerekS shorts. denim shorts. just get a pair of jeans you dont wear and cut them off...around 13-16" from the some leg AND shoe. Yeah thought of that too but my legs are hairy so that doesn't work
Wtf? I can't believe you are saying that they are "odd"!? Is it really odd to wear a black jodphur shoe and navy pants? Saw a picture at RLBL and liked it alot
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