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Hey guys, saw this kickstarter today, thought some of you might be interested. $38 bucks for a good pair of chinos seems like a fair gamble. What do ya'll think? In for one myself.
I'm going to be on assignment in Firenze until Q1 2014 and was in the market for a new suit. I know of L&L but at around 4500 euro/2 piece I'm afraid he's a bit out of my budget. Any other goods recommendations? Cheers SG
Great list! I'm in Florence now and would love to do some shopping. Would you care to specify what those shops sell so that I can narrow it down? Cheers
I'm interested in sourcing shirts from companies that sell shirts the yard / meter. I've been buying from Acorn but they're a bit expensive. I would like high quality fabrics are reasonable prices. Any suggestions? Thanks! -G
The prices on the website include cloth, which actually seem quite reasonable. Do you know their CMT costs? Thanks G
do you know what they would charge for MTM and Full Bespoke? Thanks!
Are there any other tailors in that price range that would do CMT? $1,600 doesn't seem so bad. I'm finding it quite difficult to find a reputable tailor that would, seems most of them make their money on up charging the cost of fabrics.
Hey all - I'm looking for a tailor in NYC that does CMT
Hi, I'm looking for tailor that does quality alterations. I get my suits made over seas and when I can't (or don't want) to wait for the tailor to come stateside for alterations, I need a local tailor in New York that can get it done. For those members that have insights into NYC tailors and their skill set - it would be much appreciated! Cheers, G
Has anyone heard of FRED eyewear? A friend just picked up a pair and he said they are comparable to the Cartier frames...
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