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Do you have more details on these? Quote: Originally Posted by Bootcan Now this is the grail of all soon as my 2 pairs arrive, once they find a box big enough and i lock in my size..i'm all over these cordovans!...may ask to have them leather lined.
BrownieElf, This is the order of use that I recall reading about and that I plan to follow. Quote: Originally Posted by BrownieElf Can anyone speak specifically about the obenaulf's oil? I planned on using that first, then the LP.
I thought that the Bordeaux would be the best match but it is darker than the Merlo Chromexcel. The Mahogany cream was a lighter and better match although after I use Obenauf's oil and heavy duty LP next winter, the darker Bordeaux may match better.
Bootcan, is where I found the Saphir.
FYI, the Viberg Blog posted a lot of pictures yesterday.
BillyB, I like the red contrasting stitching. Quote: Originally Posted by billyb Bootcan, The sq. toe might be based on the sq. toe hiker last? I just had my Hunters rebuilt using this last because my feet flare way out on the outside of my toebox. This boot is now almost a perfect fit without being custom fit/made to measure. Now the Hunters are my designated Harley ride'in boots. BillyB
Back from stomping around in Southern Indiana and Western Kentucky for the week and felt like a clean and polish were in order. I used Saphir Médaille d'Or Renovateur Cleaner and Conditioner finished with Saphir Médaille d'Or Pommadier Cream Shoe Polish in Mahogani colour which I felt was the best match. The TSA staff at IND took a special liking to my boots and took them aside for special screening and swabbing / scanning etc. One of their staff said "we are going to...
Stomping through Southern Indiana and Western Kentucky to break in my boots this week. More pics when I return and after I clean and polish.
I ended up wearing a lighter sock yesterday and the boots still fit great. My heel in moving less as the boots break in and I decided that if the Oxfords fit the same as the Bobcats, I would be happy so I didn't drop into Viberg on the way home from work (their shop is 5 minutes from home). I gave the boots a quick clean after work last night and then treated them with some Saphir Renovateur Médaille d'Or Cleaner and Conditioner. They definitely looked better...
I do not mind at all that you ordered the same boots. BTW, when I ordered the Oxford shoes, they showed me a number of leather swatches to choose from so there are choices. Quote: Originally Posted by Bootcan The Oxfords are also gorgeous,please stop posting photos,well ok a couple dozen more but that's it.... just emailed and pretty much begged for a pair just like your Bobcats,hope you don't mind?,i'm also a narrow heel but the way your Bobcats...
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