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Price Drop
For sale I have a unused NWT Versace Collection wool blend grey/charcoal suit. The suit retails for $1,000 USD. The size of the suit is 48. This beautiful suit unfortunately doesn't fit me so I have to let it go. The suit has a very nice shine to it. If you need anymore pictures or any more information please feel free to PM me. Willing to let it go for $600 OBO. The suit is completely untailored and ready for a home. Here is the only link to the suit I can find at the...
Hey guys. In need of some advice for a party blazer, im not looking to spend a whole lot around 150-200 on one. One which I can wear with jeans. One by DKNY caught my eye, however they dont ship this one to Canada. Anyone have any similar suggestions in the same price range? Thanks
I am going to bump this thread as it is now Fall/Winter time haha. Anyways needed some advice on a scarf for the cold Vancouver weather. Any suggestions? I was thinking of a red cable scarf possible?
i cant get a working code
Hi everyone, I have just got a new job that requires me to wear dress clothes. I would like to match a plaid shirt with a tie, however I am finding it very difficult to find the right tie. The shirt I was looking at wasn't expensive, it is from Banana Republic. Please let me know if anyone has any idea on which tie would match this shirt. Thanks a bunch and I have posted the links to the shirt as...
Hey everyone. I purchased a pair of red weft weird guys. And the fit on them is pretty "wierd" i guess lol. I am not liking how they look at the bottom. It seems every time I sit down the material gets bunched up around the knee. I am also having trouble finding a good pair of shoes to wear with them. I have a pair of nudies slim jims and love the fit on them, what style in n&f is similar to it? As for the weird guys any advice on what I should do with them.
I had received some juice from Rambo a while back. And it was great!!!! Great communicaton and thanks for takign the time to hold the splits, I know it can be very tedious. Well definitely be involved in splits again once I receive more funds
Received my Knize 10 from Rambo. Great seller and will definitely be doing with business again. Thanks for taking the time out for organizing the splits!!!
I would be in for another split of creed aventus! or tom ford tobacco vanille
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