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No way! fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
Just FYI. Make up 1 is likely dead in the water... Until the next gmto
Whats your size on the 5 last?
WTF how did we get back down to 9 votes for the Townley!? I just added mine! nevermind, looks like I was touch premature, the vote hadn't counted. We're good for navy EC! Just need 2 more to join the Townley train...
He knew about the group buy?! Didn't know they scoured these forums... I wonder if any of them are from the NYC stores...FatTuesday: Thx for the support. Perhaps a shell Dalton will have a lower hurdle for the next round... Good luck~
Will circle back tonight but It's highly likely I will be dropping off the Shell EC... just need to sell the misses on the idea of picking up two pairs vs one...
@watchidiot : when can we agree on dropping the shell makeup? I'm seriously considering switching not to the merlot anymore (because they look at lot more similar to my current shell carmina than i originally though..) but to the navy EC + the Townley. That would basically round out both makeups for production...
I think there are at least a couple sideline votes at this point. Watch idiot mentioned he would jump on the shell ec if it got to 11. And another person mentioned he would round out the townleys as the 12th if it made it to 11 votesI have no doubt the townleys will make it. It's really all about the 2 laggards.
I would prefer a no staggered deadline. That way any failed makeups can have the chance to shift their choices. The ec shell looks stuck in the mud at this point.
As I mentioned before if the Shell ECs don't make it, I am good for a pair of Townleys and EC Merlots... Kind of bittersweet as I really had my eye on those shell boots
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