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I would say that it depends on what kind of look you are going for. For example, I wear 30" for HY Italy, but go with 28" HY US, both offer the slim-fit look that I prefer. If you want to play it safe the first go around, I would probably size up to 34" and have your tailor work it to your liking. Else, if you have measurements of your best-fitting pants, then I would just cross reference that with the provided measurements on the HY site.
EDIT: Found her email via search for those interested - ameyer@allenedmonds.comORIGNAL MSG
Are the MTO Eagle County still available to order? If so, how would one go about ordering? The one in chili is a showstopper.
Re: shipping Sometimes it's better to not know when it's coming cause it only causes stress. my order has already gone through long island and new Jersey,and I'm in CT.
Any notice that the 15% kicker starts tonight at midnight? Check their main page: www.brooksbrothers.com
The webstore is actually only a week or two old. They have a LOT of kinks to work outYou will not see it in your cart. You need to go allll the way to page where you actually hit order before the discounts are applied.
You are exactly right. My mistake. Adjusted my original post.
Gave them a call too, and even when they added the item to my order, it calculated 15% until I bought up that the total seemed wrong.They ended up adjusting it,Also if you spend enough , you get a free duffel bag. Keep that in mind if you're placing a really big order. Perhaps you can split it in 2 and pick up 2 free duffies?Edit: Duffel requires $498+ Outerwear purchase. Details below. They threw in the bag even w/ the corporate discount. Perhaps they will be flexible and...
Only seeing 15% discount at checkout...
The discount is applied at the end right before you click Submit
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