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Natural Shell Dundee for your viewing pleasure: [[SPOILER]] They were in desperate need of a shine when I got them. Now they look at lot better than before.
@mdubs: I really suggest just give the SA a call to at least ask. To follow up on last night's post, I was actually able to get the gift cards attached to my natural shell dundee makup. @peppercorn78: According to my SA, only 2 people took advantage of the deal during the 2 day period, so it seemed like it was not well-advertised. Perhaps your SA overlooked the memo.
Perhaps a return rebuy could've been done? It's too late now unfortunately.How many pairs did you pick up? All from the trunk show?
Townleys are here.... For your viewing pleasure
Pulled the trigger on natural Dundees as well... Getting in now while the trunk show is still ongoing. Would hate to miss out if it gets sold out earlier than the waiting begins.Jesus, I just got in yesterday. I wonder if they will honor this if I show up today.Edit: Emailed my store to see if I can be included in this gift giving event. No harm in trying... can't get anything if you don't ask.
Seriously that is exactly what I am looking for in terms of style. Just need to get the sizing right. I will stop by my local store tomorrow.
I generally go with 11D on the 5 Last. I'm wondering if the Dundee or Malvern are usually stocked in-stores because I am not so confident about this last and would prefer to get sized properly.
Anyone have any sizing tips for dundees? I'm seriously eyeing the natural shell Design that gatszu picked out. That sounded really awesome except I might opt for a rubber sole
Wow thank you. Those chukkas.... I would probably swing casual with them. Is it odd to go with the dainite soles since I keep hearing everyone picking the double JR soles?I would probably be comfortable going into work with them so long as I can coordinate with the rest of my outfit.
Those brown grains look SICK I got invoiced oh my Townleys as well. I expect them probably today or early next week. Anyone have any good ideas for the trunk show event? The natural (tan) shell looks really appealing to me, but none of the shoes that this color is offered on really jumps out at me. Anyone have either a pair of MTO dundees or any Tan shell pics?
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