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Quote: Originally Posted by g transistor ^^^ Fat goths don't smoke cloves, and all the hipsters around here smoke Pall Malls or Natural Americans. The clove smokers around here are pretty much all ethnic...a Pakistani friend of mine said it reminded him of his mom's cooking. I have a guy in Florida who imports for me and sells me a pack of 10 for $37.50. I don't pay by Western Union, it was some other service but he's been legit so far. I haven't...
Quote: Originally Posted by FLMountainMan While I appreciate your point that we should be grateful for having jobs, that doesn't obviate the fact that they are "lives of quiet desperation." Most of us don't build or create anything tangible. And we would take a significant paycut to do so. While I agree with you in spirit, i'd like to point out that "quiet desperation" was coined when most men worked in manual labor. I'm not sure that...
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire Who else plans to just do some minor paper work, hope no one comes to their office to bother them, and cruise the web today? Given the way people post here, I'm not sure how you could tell the difference.
I needed to replace a Seiko (quartz) that got stolen so I picked up two from Hong Kong that I really enjoy. They are both Seiko 5's one regular and one "Superior 23 Jewels," I don't have pics at the moment but they look nice, run smoothly, and together cost less than $150.
As Peter Griffin would put it, "I fade in and out" of the fit and pic threads. I used to enjoy posting in them, setting up shots and getting critiques. I do think that, partly because of and partly in resistance to SF, my look has improved. But the whole thing wears me out a bit now, and I have discovered a new-found desire for some more anonymity. To be sure, there is no way, now, to run back and conceal my identity. But seeing the character assassinations taken out on a...
Alive - Pearl Jam Money for Nothing - Dire Straits Cacador de Mim & Cancao de America - Milton Nascimento Hip-Hop Saved My Life - Lupe Fiasco Guess Who's Back - Rakim Sinfonia Concertante in E Flat Major - Mozart Cello Suites, Suite 1, Mov. 1 - Bach
Quote: Originally Posted by JaPo Jesus, yes. Right under the thumb. Ouch. How people ignore the absolute redundancy of that statement is beyond me. I think most of them could literally care less.
Quote: Originally Posted by BreakfastPirate I've been smoking about 3-4 Djarums a day for a couple of months now. Haven't really noticed any undesirable effects. At least no more than regular cigarettes. How quickly do you guys saying they make you feel like shit go through a pack? That shit be illegal now.
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (series, esp. 1-4) - Adams For Whom the Bell Tolls - Hemingway Paradise Lost - Milton Good Omens - Pratchett/Gaiman 1984 - Orwell Collected Short Stories of Somerset Maugham
Alright, went back - read 42 or 43, depending on how you coutn the Iliad. Not bad for my age, I guess. I read most of the good ones, anyways.
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