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Internet porn.
Quote: Originally Posted by dtmt sansa > everything else broke Quote: Originally Posted by Eason ^^The king broke Quote: broke Zune is, so far, the one player that has NOT broken. Let's hope it keeps working. Eason, not sure what kind of trouble you've had with id3 tags...mine seems to pick them up fine.
My vote's for the 360 based on a few things. One, Live does cost $ - specifically, $50/year or about $4 a month. If you can't afford that you can't afford the actual games. Second, the Live userbase is a lot bigger although it is correspondingly a lot weirder with little kids, stoners, etc. But although there have been some exclusives for PS3, there are far more for the 360. In the next year the only major PS3 exclusive I can think of is God of War 3, admittedly...
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel I don't get the point of a lot of shit but I don't wish the people who do it death nor do I think we should disregard cultures/traditions which are different from ours and lastly, why the phuck would I want to talk to Flipper or care what he would have to say about anything? If the whales are so smart, let them figure out a way not to get killed. It's not different from ours, we used to do the same stupid...
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel You don't want to talk to whales about Avatar? Dolphins are the only other creature to have sex purely for pleasure, I have read. Surely you'd want to talk to them about that? I just don't get the point of whaling. It's like purposely being an asshole for no good reason.
Anyone who supports whaling, for any reason, cultural or otherwise, is pretty fucked in the head. Whales are the animals that we have the best chance of someday communicating with, as other, intelligent life. There is every evidence that whales form societies, generational memory, and can comprehend a wide variety of "advanced" behaviors. Killing them is a fucking unnecessary waste and I would have no problem with someone mining whaling ships to blow up. We...
Quote: Originally Posted by FLMountainMan Not unless they validate one's own personal ethos.... I was totally prepared to come in here and hate on you for your orthodox FARK Independent reading of it, but it really is eco-social-liberalism at its dopiest. Beautiful film. Cliche script. Shades of grey: utterly absent. It's Transformers for the Inconvenient Truth set.
walneal in HK is efficient, helpful and highly recommended. A+
Free bump - the coat I bought was awesome and fit perfectly. Nicely done!
This site is just too fucking weird sometimes.
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