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Quote: Originally Posted by oneeightyseven I was going to pay 60k cash for a car, but the insurance was a little too ridiculous at 8000 a year. I dont know how often this is the case, but don't discount him solely on that basis. I'm proof that it does happen. Oh yeah, I'm 19 btw. Do you run a business, maybe like e-tailing or something? Or did you invent something cool? I'm genuinely curious how one ends up with 60-70K cash on hand @19.
I'm not sure it's a racism thing, as much as a retarded conservative old people thing.
Haha, my Indian(ok, Bangladeshi) girl met the guy her parents had 'picked' and told him and them to fuck off. We're still together, and now I go over to their house for dinner quite frequently, although I still can't come along to any of their "society" events. Took a while though, although the ducking behind fences and running out the back door stuff was fun while it lasted....there's something about dating a girl you're not supposed to that adds a little bit of adventure.
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma Does it matter? A random civilian fingering some girl and sharing his nice Colombian marching powder is A-OK if you ask me but a doctor doing it to his patient isn't; and that's the whole point, certain types of relationships come with their own ethical code, I could tell this fat bitch to go on a fucking regime but her doctor has to treat her with a certain distance, courtesy and concern that I don't have to abide to. In...
This game seems glitchy as hell from what I've seen and it really or is it just par for the online-console-shooter-course?
I like literally everything...except the fuel cap. It just seems like it was slapped on as an afterthought.
Quote: Originally Posted by edinatlanta In my defense, I forgot j's request. Franny just always seems to overstep the line which is what I was trying to say. I redact my request so I can be in harmony with mods' desires. So what you're saying is, you finally love Big Brother?
1) Go work on Wall St. 2) Go work in Washington DC. 3) Do 1, then 2.
We were taking the over/under that Daltrey would collapse on stage and Pete Townshend would have to stab the plug from his guitar into Roger's chest and windmill him back to life. It was really like watching a man flirt with the cold specter of death on stage.
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