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For Whom the Tweed Weaves
Possibly slightly different, but last week @ capoeira I kicked a girl in the face when I came up from an esquiva into a kick and she was going blind the other direction. Some blood but fortunately no permanent damage!
Like the pure, distilled breast milk of the Virgin Mary.
I'm going to try these J. Crew 'Rivington' boots; it's very hard to find size 5 boots but these look good and a friend of mine has them and likes them:
General Chat is pure spam right now...
Quote: Originally Posted by amnesiac and every girl on lookbook.nu, sometimes the guys. how is it that despite all being different girls and wearing different clothes in different countries, they still all kind of look the same? and +23456 for the first girl chrono posted if only for the expression on her face and her eyes You see a ton of Asian chicks doing the pigeon-toe thing. Could be a Pacific import.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dakota rube what is with all the pigeon-toed poses? weak or small bladders? some kind of new wave "cute"? Doesn't actually answer your question but somehow it applies... Oldie but a goodie:
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara I've taken 5 or 6 phone calls, written a letter filled stereotypical political platitudes, aaaand that's about it. You're just counting down the hours until Bingo Night starts.
Thanks for all the advice. I think I found a pretty good ebay deal, I just need to be sure on sizing.
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire Fridays and Mondays tend to be my busiest days. Today, some eff'ing idiot that runs an outside task force I sit on, scheduled a meeting at 3p, on the opposite side of town. I am not pleased. Tell him to reschedule at your convenience. Be big-time.
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