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Quote: Originally Posted by breakz These games are electronic crack. Just got Civ Rev on my iPhone, and I can't get away from it. Civ Rev is on the iPhone? Dear god that sounds it good, or just addictive?
Not enough, and too many.
Quote: Originally Posted by turboman808 May as well. 300 is a rebodied Magnum, charger, camaro or whatever. Crossfire was a rebodied slk. Sure there are a few others. They just have to shit it up with alot of plastic and ill fitting gaps before they can call it an American car though. Crossfire has some of the worst reviews ever, though:
Quote: Originally Posted by DocHolliday At least they're disguised as something mundane. The only thing that would catch my eye more than a giant freakin' robot is a giant freakin' robot dinosaur. The 8 Shittiest Transformer Disguises. Quote: Sky Lynx: plastic-molded proof that while it's OK for Renaissance artists to use drugs for inspiration, toymakers should steer clear. He looks like a Space Shuttle that got pissed on...
I think Chris and Eric would fit right in here on SF. In fact, could be one of them is already here!
Quote: Originally Posted by Journeyman To the original poster - I know that this is a) none of my business, and b) probably not what you want to hear, but if you have been fortunate enough to have inherited quite a large sum of money from a relative, please don't spend it a big chunk of it on a rapidly depreciating asset like a car. I know that cars are great fun and that most men - young and old - have an almost visceral attraction to sports cars....
Quote: Originally Posted by Lel So, aside from a new campaign, what are people expecting from Halo:Reach? Kick-ass new multiplayer modes; Bungie have really delivered that with each generation. Halo 2 had the best integrated vehicle/FPS gameplay on consoles(obviously BF:1942 was king on PCs), bombing modes, Team SWAT which made it like Counterstrike, and oddball modes like, well, Oddball. In addition, it had one of the best matchmaking systems...
IIRC, Shani Davis, the long-track speedskating breakout and all-around odd dude, is from the South Side of Chi-Town.
Quote: Originally Posted by Roikins You forgot a Spyker interior with the exposed gearshift linkage and chrome switches: [][/IMG] That's fucking badass. Do Want.
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