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I like the AE Wilbert in brown leather. Looks great with khakis or jeans. It's casual all the way.
The SF shop said that Alden would.
Not answering today.
I want the exact Alden sole Will Alden do that is my question.
Changing the subject here. When re-soleing an Indy 403 can you spec a commando sole for an up charge?Or will they only replace it with a stock sole? Just curious.
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Horween recomends Neatsfoot oil for Chromexcel. "The last step for Chromexcel is coat of Neatsfoot Oil, so when people ask me how to condition this leather, that’s always my first recommendation." http://horween.wordpress.com/2010/03...excel%C2%AE-2/ Its been around along time and is good for any leather. It will darken the leather slightly. I just re-applied some to my Danner Winter Lights. Water just beads off of them. Oh and I've had these boots for over 20 years.
Speaking of new Alden boots. I put my money down on a new pair of Ultimate Indy's at Leather Soul today. They have 3 versions coming down the pike so I'm not sure which one I'm going to get although I am leaning towards the Chromexcel version with the commando sole over the Kudu. A third version will have a double leather sole. My guess is most of you all ready knew this.
Well, I'll be using them for just about everything but hiking. What leather is the toughest? I can see me using them on my motorcycle from time to time as well. Which is the best all around boot I guess would be my question?
Quote: Originally Posted by Kenal0 In my opinion, not good. If you are going to use them in ice and snow then consider having your local shoe guy out on a commando type sole. kenal0 Thanks. I'm looking at the Hawaiian Tanks but I'm not sure I like the split toe. The Kudo is nice but a little to rugged for indoor/outdoor use.
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