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I agree Roy, although I did flirt with Jaytex.That piece is wrong too in that Brut 33 (also shit) came out in 1975, eleven years after the original. It was so called because it only contained 33% of the fragrance! Of course, the Brut Faberge EDT is still available in the original bottle and I must admit to wearing it still.
I am currently having issues with access to the site. It’s partly my own fault as I have ‘mislaid’ my password. This is not a problem on the computer I am currently using as it remembers my password. But when it comes to my pc at home and my iphone I am buggered. So, three times now I have asked to receive an email allowing me to re-set my password and three times I have received a message to say such an email has been sent. I have not received one! So, it is highly...
Yes, the birthday present idea is always worth a try.....As I say, I wouldn't normally attempt the above procedure but in the past I may have been 'guilty' on occasions.
I was interested in the recent discussion about shoes and the price thereof. I do empathise with you chaps who have a struggle to convince the wife / partner of the value of a really good pair of shoes. I am not going to run on again about my Church’s Diplomats bought in 2000 and still going……. No, what I want to suggest is the concept of bringing expensive items in ‘under the spousal radar’ as it has been called on Ask Andy – and elsewhere I’m sure. First, I must say I...
Roy, I was in Jermyn St yesterday and noticed Tricker's had two pairs of very nice, chunky longwings in their window for £360. They were not cordovan, of course.
Thanks for the link flyfronted. An interesting and eclectic mix and, as has already been said, not cheap! Is the shop itself worth a visit?
Back to shoes - Not really skinhead style but rather a classic English brogue from John White c 1988, the Midhurst. Then JW enjoyed a Royal Warrant and made very acceptable shoes - mine have only recently come back from my man in Suffolk after their first re-sole in 25 years!
Yes, they did copy the upper class fashion that emerged after the war and I think some of that crowd (Cecil Beaton and co) were homosexual. And I agree the very early 'Teds' (I bet they didn't have a name either until the popular press latched on) took the look very seriously indeed. But it soon went the way of most youth fashions - including the one we are all so passionate about.
'Flash' was the word at the time.
Yes, I agree with all this. I also had to take two jobs to fund my habit - a paper round and a short-lived evening job in Tesco. I think our mums and dads had no problem with what we wore but rather with how we often behaved...The other thing about the declining standard of living is that now all the 'emerging' economies are fighting for a piece of the action. The Chinese now like cheese so the fucking price of a piece of Stilton rockets!
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