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Oh yeah.. I didn't notice it.
If that's a real laminate, whether the scratch is minimal or deeper into the surface, the damage is repairable. Here's what to do: 1. Dampen a non-abrasive hand towel with bleach and wipe down the laminate countertop, removing any dirt or debris that has accumulated. Air-dry the counter. 2. Apply some car wax on a dry hand towel. 3. Rub the car wax into the scratch using a the non-abrasive hand towel and a circular motion with your hands. 4....
Why not try Australia? It is the most desirable destination for retirees in the world, according to at least one survey. And with its endless beaches, cosmopolitan cities and friendly people, it's not hard to see why. Living costs tend to be comparable to the United States. In regional areas goods and services tend to be much cheaper than in major cities such as Sydney. Buying property out of big cities is significantly cheaper - a sustained boom in housing prices several...
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