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Taiwan boutique (living overseas right now). Didn't do too much research if any online stores have the white version on sale. Only one left in my size. Still thinking about it... EDIT: for the MMM Gats sale question.
On sale for $350, I'm tempted...
Indy boots + suits is a no-no. I might even suggest you delete your post.
You will be judged. Going in barefoot might be the best option.
What shoes are you going to wear to the store?
The leather is Horween's Chromexel below is a link from the Horween website really going in depth, but they do give a recommendation as Neatsfoot Oil for conditioning. Also in the comment section horween answers questions about other options for care. I'm not familiar with Timberland's protector products.For my boots the color and condition/shine is still in good shape and I'll wipe down with a damp cloth and brush them after each wear. If I get a scuff mark I'll apply...
The treadstarter would get you in the right direction. Since it was 2008 it might need a bit of adding and subtracting with Winn Perry gone. But you can add in Tassels HK, Tres Bien, Frans Boone...In light of your photo an Orson Wells quote:"Create your own visual style... let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others"
Yes free "Ground" shipping in the US and free return shipments.
mr. porter has free shipping and returns which means you could buy 2 sizes if you are unsure of the fit.
Go with Aeneas rec from a few hrs ago-- need supply with the discount codeFree shipping but returns will cost you 6.95 i think. My experiences with them and also with a return was fast and painless.
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