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I just bought the coupon and it was the same coupon code i bought from KROSS a month ago.
it s on page 121. Thanks
i mean do you think it s long enough to leave the length be? it is about 1/2 an inch from covering my ass.I heard that like a good lawyer, a good suit should cover your ass?
do you think my jacket is too short? should I remake or is it good enough? I am slightly short so i donno if I am suppose to get a slightly shorter jacket.
any other changes? should I send it back? Is it too short?
should i ask for a remake? i think some of the wrinkles were caused from being shipped. I haven't ironed naything yet. what other changes should i make.
How does it fit? This is my first Indochino Suit. I was slightly disappointed with the quality of the suit. It feels really light and cheap. I think my jacket is 1/2 inch short?
Quote: Originally Posted by thexfactor any other comments about my shirt before I order 2 more?
the collar is soft. should i get stiff? what about the fit? do my adjustments make sense?
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