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Went to the Queen Vic markets for the weekly food then got fitted by Matt and SuitShop for a new grey suit. Then walked up to St. Ali for some truffle scrambled eggs and crumpets. Tonight - dinner at Binh Minhs then Birthday gathering at PA's in Richmond
Is it just me or is the Melbourne store a little funny on stock levels as well? At least in regards to suit separates and chinos? Excellent shirt selection though woop EDIT: MJ Bale
Thanks Papa. I assume you mean Dean of the Club? woop
G'day Gents, Slightly off-topic question about cigar bars in Melbourne. What are your recommendations? I'm looking for a spot to have a cigar and scotch with some Medicine friends during our 1 week break. I've been to Supper Club several times but the wait and the crowd aren't always worth it. woop
RM's Oli? The rise is a bit high in them, the pant leg can be taken in though, I got that done to mine.
Evening all, Quick question regarding belt loops/belt loopless trousers. Is it possible to simply remove the belt loops from a pair of wool trousers instead of trying to source trousers that are made to have no belt loops? I'd like to add some braces buttons to a pair of slacks and remove the belt loops, I wouldn't always be wearing braces, just for special events. Also, +1 to wool knit ties woop
That would be awesome to go like that and you'll certainly look the part, I don't have the stature to pull something like that off. I was thinking something along these lines initially, Especially since I don't own a Tux... Yet
Evening Gentlemen (and possibly Ladies that are reading over shoulders), First off, a few years back when I last posted I think I asked about barbers and tailors in Melbourne and I got told about Rock It who are great barbers so I just want to thank those that offered advice and help on those matters. Secondly, I have a Medical Ball coming up in September - Gatsby themed - just like every soiree that's popping up. I was hoping I could just get some simple advice on...
Hi, First time poster, been reading for a while though. I was just wanting to know if anyone if Béllo shoes are sold in Aus or if there is anywhere they can be purchased online? My parents brought back a pair for me and they are great. Currently in Melbourne to. Thank-you woop
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