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Anyone know my answer about the spring court sizing?
Crocs are so damn comfortable though.
Crap, that post was in the spring court sizing thread but I guess the admin moved it. So I was referring to the Spring court sizing since I have heard they run big and some say they run small. That's why I am confused.
Hey guys, I am really bad when it comes to sizing and get more confused when you thrown in european size. I wear a size 10.5 iN New Balance and most shoes and a size 10 in Jack Purcells. What size shoe should I get (in european sizing)?
So if I wear a US 10.5 would a US 10 be good?
Quote: Originally Posted by Bona Drag Tani shoes in NY carries them and does phone orders, but they seemed iffy on returns when I called so do your sizing homework first. Consensus seems to be they run big - at least a half size, maybe a full one? There are a couple LA stockists, too - if you go to the Spring Court and click the "stocklist" (that's the term they use, apparently) button, you get a map. Not anymore. I checked both places and...
They have it in black here
Anyone know where I can get Spring Court's G2 alternatives? Most of the ones I see have colored smiles in the front but I want it to be completely white. Those Tretorn Nylite canvas look nice but it has a bulky look for me.
How does sizing on Spring court work? I am size 10.5 in most sizes, 10 in Jack Purcell slip ons. Would the size 10 run big or small or just fine? And yes, I joined just for this post, I have been looking everywhere for those damn shoes . Can I see pictures? Are they G1 or g2? Used or new? If used, how many times worn? a lot? Sorry for the questions, I can't see the pictures so I cannot make any decisions. And dibs on the size 10. if you need references I can point you...
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