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I can't find a good thread since there is so many when i search for shoe trees but is there a recommend source to get good cheap cedar shoe trees? I know costco had a deal going on a few weeks back with 10/pair but they don't have them anymore
Noooooo, costco doesn't have it anymore.
Quote: Originally Posted by heynow peepers.com These guys are pretty cheap, are they legit?
Ok guys, let's post socks and what brand/make/info so I know where to buy them Some of the striped socks on the first page are really nice.
Can I have measurements (toe to heel and width) for the brown captoes for 88 shipped?
Did you ever find out the answer? I am planning on getting a few ankle boots but I never heard of using trees for boots (then again, I'm a shoe newbie). For jodphurs, should I use trees?
Same here, 22%. Guess I'll wait to see if it goes up again
If my toe to heel length is 11" and my width is 4.2" what size should I be for AE? I want those Park Avenues, they looks so sexy. I currently wear between 10.5-11 depending on brand so I don't know what to get.
I realized how messed up my shoes are now and I want to start cleaning/polishing it (weird it took me so long). How is the deluxe shine kit on http://www.shoeshinekit.com/kit1.html ? Is it worth the price or should I buy everything seperately? I have both black and brown shoes so I figured I would need to get different polishes and waxes. After reading this thread this looks to be my shopping list, please let me know if you have any suggestions. - shoe trees for all...
Is this ticker broken?
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