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$17k for 1.7 carat, GIA cert. E, VVS. Quality over quantity.
how do Cliftons fit? I'm a 9.5d on park aves for reference.
I wear a 9.5d in AE Park Aves- can anyone recommend a comparable last/size or should I contact Meermin with a trace like I've seen mentioned? Looks like $200 shipped? is that accurate?
I had 3 job offers in November and graduated the following May. Be networking and job hunting a year before you graduate. All offers were more than willing to wait a couple of months for me to start.
You can get a few models of Breitling watches at that price point.
when is the sale expected? I need a pair of brown PAs.
I have a pair of Holton loafers that have a "texture" in brown. They need to be polished but was wondering if I needed to do anything special because of the texture.
I didn't create this thread for those who cannot fathom the need of an understanding of business to run organization. I was interested in hearing from anyone in this field of work. Either publicly or by private message.
case yellow handle.
I self studied for 2 months, then took a 6 week kaplan course, then studied for 2 weeks and took the test. The class give you little "cheats" that I hadn't learned on my own. I took probably 15-20 practice tests.
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