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A Fine Pair Of Shoes - use code AFPOS20 for 20% off
The 99 last is slimmer fitting and not quite as generous in the midfoot as the 109. Often customers prefer to 1/2 a size down from a 99 to a 109
Glad to hear your order arrived safely!
Sounds like an 8F in the Moore would be a good choice, and the we put the other items in for you.
No, it is still running, put the code in the Discount Code box in our checkout screen. Let us know if you are still not having much luck with this.
Keep this deal to yourselves, as you can see it is almost too good to be true!!
you could have used our AFPOS20 code though!
The AS Cambridge are stunning and patina very well indeed. Use AFPOS20 for quite simply a stunning deal for SF members if you consider free international shipping, complimentary shoe trees and a colour matched tin of Saphir, plus you don't pay the VAT.
Nice pics, thanks for the kind words!
Here are some of our pics of Hannover if this helps
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