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We do have a sale running at the moment http://www.afinepairofshoes.co.uk/collections/sale-price-desc and as SF members you can use AFPOS10 over £250.Also, we also include free lasted shoe trees £79 on AS Exclusive full price shoes/boots, cedar with full price Sanders and free international shipping over £300.
Yes, we and all other AS approved stockists have had a RRP rise last Monday.
Good point, I think this is about other leathers, I believe the Chestnut tanning is 6 months vs Oak tanning at 14 months. Both are great quality, as mentioned.
Of course, both are high quality sole leather tanned in the UK by the leading tanneries. Here is a brief description of the leather:Oak bark tannage is a long, gentle process that protects the natural fibres of the hide unlike modern tanning methods. The best hides, natural products, 14 months and a sustainable process produce each piece of uniquely crafted, luxury and durable leather.Chestnut - Richer, darker coloured sole leather, tanned specifically with hard wood...
Quality is very good, as all AS shoes produced are, the only slight difference with AS Armfield is these have Chestnut bark tanned leather in place of Oak bark tanned leather soles. Still wonderfully made with closed channeled stitching and inked midsole. The heal hight is 1/4 in lower than AS Armfield.
We have a few pairs of the straight cap oxford that Cleav has, they are in our subs area. If you do not already have access, drop us a note to info@afinepairofshoes.co.uk and we will enable your account to see the subs.Anything else, just ask.
Yes, AS Exclusive are made in batches and are on order. Hopefully the missing sizes will come into stock 2-4 weeks.
All done, your account was set up already, as you mentioned and we have just added this permission for seconds, so you should be able to view.Any problems let us know.
We have just added quite a few AS Exclusive slight subs to our site. If you are have already been given access to these shoes, thank you for your support. If you are interested and you already have an account, you can email us at info@afinepairofshoes.co.uk and we can enable you to see these shoes and boots. If you do not already have an account, simply set one up here https://www.afinepairofshoes.co.uk/account/login Once your account has been enabled, you can search...
Yes we do, just send them back to us and we get your AS shoes repaired at Alfred Sargent and your Sanders shoes at Sanders.This is by far the best way to repair your shoes and boots as they are put on their original last and put back through the factory.Prices are:£90 for a full resole and heel inc. VAT & return UK postage (extra for Int)£45 for heel only inc VAT & UK postage (extra for Int)Here is a picture of a pair of AS Herrick that were resoled and they look exactly...
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