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Nice, I think that would look superb!
Nice suggestions Dave13!
We are waiting to hear from AS on additions to their in stock ranges, and we will advise here.
On order, hopefully back in stock with us Tuesday.
Unable to add these two codes, just one or the other.
Yes, the afpos10 code still works for purchases £250 & over and is intended to be usable for the forceable future for SF members!!
Thank you CraigC, great to hear that they are a perfect fit for you!
Hi, we have two different Herricks on our site, somewhat confusing. There is a Handgrade version on the chiselled two 53E last and a Exclusive version built on the 109F last. The 109 F is quite generous in the mid-foot area for room with a mid to high instep, so actually this should fit you well.
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