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Yes the 7.5 should be a good fit in the 87 last, these two lasts are similar in terms of length and width.
Have you consider the AS Armfield? The 109 last is known to be generous in the forefoot and the construction is second to none, here is a link https://www.afinepairofshoes.co.uk/products/alfred-sargent-exclusive-armfieldAlso, for SF members we have an exclusive discount code for your to use AFPOS10 10% discount, complimentary lasted shoes trees (£79) and free international shipping.
Our pleasure, I have the 89 last in a chukka, and I find this quite generous in the width, whereas the the 87 is a neater fitting last, but considered to be standard. The 87 is used across the AS Country range in the Hannover, Cambridge and Bexhill and is a really nicely balanced last in my humble opinion. Perfect for this boot to be sleek, but not too sleek. Hope this helps.
That will be this one https://www.afinepairofshoes.co.uk/products/alfred-sargent-country-snuff-suede-bexhill-chukka-boot
AFPOS10 is still open for you.
Thank you FredAstaire1899. We will be looking to expand all our ranges, and this move will give us the space we need to make sure everything we do carry is always in stock for quick despatch.
We have been quite busy at A Fine Pair Of Shoes Ltd behind the scenes. We have been developing our site to keep all the good bits, and add some very useful features. We also have a new logo, oh and the biggest change is we are moving to a purpose built new HQ that has plenty of room for us to grow and expand!
The 99 last is slightly slimmer fitting than 109 & 724, so if a 7.5 was the correct size in 109 & 724, you might consider an 8F UK in the 99. Hope this helps.
Yes, just email Sarah all your details and required size etc to info@afinepairofshoes.co.uk and she will put a order together for you.
Great that you like you Moores, as they are burnished and antiqued by hand, this gives them a destinctive look that is a little different from a machine sprayed shoes out there. Worth persevering with as they look fantastic!
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