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They look great! Sometime the trees can be a little snug to start, but as the boots stretch a little to your foot shape, they should be a little easier to put in.
Yes, our stocks have been mostly used up, but plenty more lasted trees on order with the arrival time to us 4-6weeks. When you place your order Sarah will give you 3 options, 1. to wait for the trees until the whole order is shipped, 2. to have the shoes shipped (once they are in) then pay a small extra postage charge when the trees come in to stock and 3. get a voucher code for lasted trees and use this when you want.
Only stock styles for order, not including special/limited editions unfortunately.
Yes this is open to all, if we don't have certain sizes, they will be on back order with AS and either be in stock with them or in production.
Not to worry, send your request, name and address to sarah@afinepairofshoes.co.uk and we will put them on back order for you including the discount!
Yes, 23.59 GMT Tuesday 8th April is the end to this code.
We appreciate your comments, thank you!
Good point regarding the weight, we will investigate the option of having these trees specified with a more hollow front section. Personally I really like the solid, quality nature of these hardwood trees, but can see the advantage for flight baggage limits etc.
Unfortunately this is not an option as all high quality shoes are made in pairs and if you had a odd pair, so would we.Options are ship back and 1/2 a size up or see if the size you have ease a little with wear, but then you are committed. As Pimlico are a plain derby, these should stretch with your foot easier than say, a wingtip brogues that has a lot of stitch work. Let us know what you prefer.
That's it for the moment on Spencer, we do have a 10F in stock that might be OK for you - PM me your feet length and width and I can advise your better on fit.
New Posts  All Forums: