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The 99 last is slightly slimmer fitting than 109 & 724, so if a 7.5 was the correct size in 109 & 724, you might consider an 8F UK in the 99. Hope this helps.
Yes, just email Sarah all your details and required size etc to info@afinepairofshoes.co.uk and she will put a order together for you.
Great that you like you Moores, as they are burnished and antiqued by hand, this gives them a destinctive look that is a little different from a machine sprayed shoes out there. Worth persevering with as they look fantastic!
Hi, If you send us your foot measurements in cm to info@afinepairofshoes.co.uk we can advise your accurately on the best size for you in our Francis boot.
Hi, the 87 last is a little more generous than the 99 last. We typically advise a half size up to a 99, so if you are an 8F UK in the 87, perhaps try the 81/2F in the 99.
Great that you like them mortgagebank , yes I agree the box is a little snug for these.
We include no. 37 Medium brown with Cambridge, but it is down to your own personal preference.
Yes, with these measurements you should fit a UK 8F in the 87 last that the Cambridge is built.
The specification and build quality is very good, really hope you enjoy use it and thanks for your order!
Yes, this is on order and hopefully will be added over the next couple of days.
New Posts  All Forums: