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Hi, yes both are on order with AS and expected Feb/March. To be sure of a pair in your size, you can reserve a pair, just email Sarah at
87 and 109 are similar in length, with 87 having more room in the toe box. Suggest taking the same size for both.
Try these updated links
Yes, 724 is available in 5.5F UK.
I think they will now ship worldwide by the looks of it.
Anyone interested in C&J Skye boots in Chestnut? Couple of pairs on Ebay
These are on the hand grade 19 last.
724 last only comes in F Standard width or E Slim width. Worth bearing in mind that AS manufacturing time at present is 4-6months minimum.
Yes, AS can make with Wensum (or similar) soles and they look the same to single leather from the side.
Closest match is no. 34 Havana for Coimbra.
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