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These are looking great Cleav
What a pleasure to meet you Cleav, thank you so much for the wonderful review and we are delighted we looked after you well.We love what we do and great to share this with like minded supporters.Welcome any time.
Very nice job, well done!
Probably stick with the UK9F in the Hugo boot. The 48 last that they are built around is very elegant from AS Handgrade last selection, so fit should be very comfortable, especially around the heel.
All the sizes we have left are now on our site for Hugo.
Great review and thank you.
Probably recommend the 03 Light Brown or the 37 Medium Brown in Saphir, and the 2.5mm laces we stock are the same as those use by Sanders (and most Northamptonshire shoe makers)
Very nice selection, I will keep my eye out for you.
Not at the moment, apologies.
Nothing planned at present, but I will keep this in mind for you.
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