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Sorry no. No experience with the other two brands.
The last thing I need is a new pair of shoes. But then need really is of very little consequence. Over the years I've acquired a serviceable, if not impressive array of footwear. That's actually not that easy to do living in Dallas, the footwear desert of the western world. I've sworn off buying anything new unless it fits a particular need. And when I do identify a need, I'm generally required to mail-order shoes because, short of high-end cowboy boots, sourcing...
A very sleek attaché case... Fashioned from the skin of your enemies.
Love Clos du Val. Was my house cab for many years until it started getting too expensive. Visited the winery when I was in napa last a couple of years ago. Bought a couple of cases of their higher end limited release and more unusual bottlings (cab franc, Petit Verdot, blends etc) . Have had them sleeping since, but recently brought a few of the bottles home from my locker to start drinking despite not being of an appropriately Mantonian age. Will report when I start...
Drink.A lot./end
Let me start this post with a holy shit! By way of background, I'm not a Malbec fan generally and haven't really responded to the call of the South American wines. Someone gave me this bottle for Christmas. I don't remember who. I only know because they wrote "Merry Christmas" in permanent marker on the bottle. Needed something to drink with pizza tonight, so... Only after I opened it and went "holy shit" did I decide to investigate the bottle. Turns out that it's...
From Sunday night. Rioja was really good. About $20. I know that most will judge me for my Brunello vinfanticide but I don't care. Yes it's young, but it's also really approachable and fucking good right now. I have five more of these and they may not live to adulthood. Just saying.
Thanks. And thanks to Chris and his team.
Lining and Milanese button holes.
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