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I bought one of the Clicgear 3.5 push carts at the beginning of the season. With the heat here in Texas in the summer walking and carrying is not very realistic for me. I've already used it several times.
Saw this on a wine list at a local restaurant. Second time I've had it. Does not disappoint. Very Bordeaux-like. At 10 years it's still just a baby.
Confused. What is the point of cooking if you're not using it as an excuse to drink wine?
I dated a Level 2 Somm for a while who put ice cubes in her wine. I neither participated in nor recommend the practice I only report the fact that it happened.
Generally old golf clubs just aren't worth that much. What you have there is a set of persimmon woods made in the 1960s or 1970s from a second line manufacturer that sold mainly to beginners. Here's a similar set (but refinished) on EBay for $42. You could put them up on eBay and see what you get for them but it likely won't be much....
I don't know. It's not like it's a premier or grand Cru or something. At the end of the day it's a (very, very good) village level wine meant to be consumed young, but that will likely still be good for many years. I've been guilty of vinfanticide before but not sure this is a good example of it. Besides...it's just so yummy.
Found some of the '09 Bachelet CdN Villages locally the other day. Had been paying $49-53 for it from Premier Cru in Berkeley and having it shipped in. Local place had it for $73 (after the 5% cash discount). I swallowed hard and bought 3 bottles. Already plowed through 2 of them. $73 is just too stiff for a wine I can't seem to control myself around.
I never put together until recently that Paul Giamatti is the son of Bart Giamatti, former Commissioner of Baseball.
I kinda thought they might on the Shafer. Figured no chance in hell on the d'Yquem. As it was the bartender poured me an extra glass of red (not the one I ordered which was a $30 a glass Camus) but a Hall, which frankly tasted better). I also ordered a Royal Tokaji for dessert which he wound up comping and then pouring a second glass of.
New Posts  All Forums: