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The PGA tour is in town with the Colonial over in FW this weekend and the Nelson in Las Colinas next weekend. Probably won't make it to Colonial this week, but might try to take in a day at the Nelson next week. The Nelson is a shit show. A big party. Most of the drinking goes on in an indoor/outdoor temporary structure called "The Pavilion". Hundreds to a couple of thousand people will show up just to hang out at the Pavilion with no regard whatsoever to the golf that...
Interesting. I've never noticed any difference in taste.
I think you may be right.
On the topic of affordable dessert wines, here are a couple that I love that aren't always on people's radar. I was introduced to the Yalumba by someone on here several years ago. The Rotti is an American sherry-style dessert wine. The sommelier at Fearings in Dallas recommended it to me. He serves this as their house dessert wine.
Mine just sits on my bar shelf. Which I notice is also where about every bar I've ever been in keeps theirs too.
I started out drinking ruby port in my 20s but have really migrated to tawny over the last [cough cough] years. With the oxidation, an open bottle of tawny lasts basically forever, just like Madeira. I always try to keep a bottle of Sandeman 20 around as my house port. It's not Manton-level cheap...maybe $35 IIRC...but since I'm usually the only one drinking it, it lasts me for weeks. LB: Cuvée Constance is
There are lots of wine bars in Dallas. Most suck. This one is actually pretty decent. They focus on their food and the wine selection is actually pretty good. It changes up a lot so you can't rely on finding something you had there the last time, but I've usually been pretty happy with their selections. I can usually pick a glass or a bottle I'm happy with.
Half the bar was going over and whipping his ass. He was super gracious and letting everyone take pics with him. I don't really do that though, so no pic to post.
Was sitting at a bar at LAX last Thursday waiting on my flight. Glanced to the end of the bar and noticed Wayne Gretsky and Janet Jones sitting there. Mentioned it to the lady sitting next to me. The (woman) bartender comes up and sees us looking toward them and says "I'm not sure what his name is, but he's a famous golfer." I said, "Well...I suppose he is now."
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