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Actually, it's because the opposite is true that I carry so many. Depending on conditions, because I carry so many wedges I can use something approaching a full swing all the way from 120 down to 70-75 yards. It's only inside 75 yards that I have too worry a lot about varying my swing. I've tried leaving the gap wedge at home and sure enough I wind up in a situation where I have to start figuring out how much to take off my pitching wedge for that 105 yard shot.Between...
Played in a little flighted tournament on Sunday. Played just awful on the front (after a bird on the first), but much better on the back. Scraped in 1 bird on the front and 2 on the back and missed a little 4 footer for another. Wound up 3rd in my flight (no idea how) and had a closest to the pin and one of my birdies wound up winning me a skin. Given how awful my front side was that wasn't a bad result. One of the guys in my group was a pretty nice guy, but had an...
Absolutely! Didn't know that was on the table. Even if you're just here for a visit and can squeeze in a round, let me know.FYI, 235-255 is basically my driver. I've had a 15 degree hybrid for a while now. It's about 185-195 for me. Right now I'm carrying 15 clubs (2 fairway woods and 4 wedges). Been trying to decide which to leave at home. About to decide that I'm best leaving the 4 iron at the house.
I've had two 43-36=79's so far this year. On one of them the 36 included a missed 3 foot birdie and a smothered driver into a pond. Ugh.
If you hear about a tournament you're interested in volunteering for go onto their website. There should be a volunteer link. Follow the instructions.
Mainly just seemed like a nice thing to do. They need volunteers to put these things on. That said, I get grounds access when I'm not working. They have a large, air conditioned volunteer tent with free food and drink. They also have some massage therapy students giving free massages.
Volunteering this weekend at the US Senior Open at Oak Tree in OKC. Assigned to work the caddie tent. Boring, but in the air conditioning. 100 outside. Ugh.
Yeah, my knowledge of Houston golf is pretty dated. I lived there about 20 years ago and haven't played there much since. On the north side I used to play at the Cypresswood complex a fair amount. It's up in the Eastern Pine forests and is fairly tight (2 or 3 courses as I recall). If you live south though, it's quite a haul up there. If you get to Austin try the Barton Creek courses (you probably have to stay at the resort). Pricey, but worth it. The two Fazio courses...
What part of Texas? I can give you the names of a few that will give you all the hilly and tight you want.
Most of the time I just play from whatever tees the rest of the group wants to play from. My regular Sunday group includes a guy about my age who is about a 5 and his father who is 86 years old and used to be scratch (isn't anymore, obviously). Generally my buddy and I play from the 2nd tees and his Dad plays from the forward "senior" tees.
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