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How have taller guys been sizing the Doyle vs. your normal EPNY blazer size? I'm fine with a relatively cropped body for this style, but the measurements look like the sleeves would be a bit short for anybody who would normally order a long or get sleeves let out on a regular size. On the other hand, I've seen some tall people posting great fits with the jacket.
Is there a new feb code? An item I'd ore deeds awhile ago just came back in stock, would love to purchase
Any chance of a restock on the Shepard St Saddle?
FWIW, I'm just under 6'4", I get my Walts let out to a 35" inseam, and I find the current Rivet cut to be just long enough, with an inseam of 35.5." If you haven't tried them yet, it may be worth a shot.And if you're undecided between waist sizes, keep in mind that with a larger size you'll also have an extra 1/4" of total length from the rise. Just make sure to cold wash and hang dry.
Question for anybody who wouldn't mind helping me out with sizing on the duck canvas chinos - how does the sizing change as you wear them in? I have a pair of the Oxford chinos in 32, and while I really like them I think I might be better off with a bit more room, so I sized up to 33 for a pair of the duck canvas (specifically, Moss). The duck canvas pants hang very differently due to the tough material, and right now I'm thinking they're a bit wide in the thighs....
Hoping to get some Ts on the next re-stock. Do you mind posting the P2P measurements you're working from with the incoming batch?
Just got the email, new Walts look awesome! But I've got a non-selfish question here - in the white Perfecto picture it looks like Adele has some racing greens. Was that a one off, or are you guys working on getting a women's pants line up and running? If I can get my wife hooked on Epaulet, that could only lead to justifying more purchases for me... I guess this is a selfish question after all.
Just wanted to second what other folks have said - old Rivets after a wash are just a bit too short for me, but with their different fit Walts are no problem at all on length. I let them out ~3 cm, and that's definitely longer than the chinos, plus there's nearly another inch or so I'm not using.
May have to bite on international shipping costs if I could rock those Mandarin Irishes (?!) on Queen's Day in Amsterdam.
Are the Japanese khaki rivets on the site right now from the new construction, or the old?
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