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Hey Tailors and fellow SF members, I really need help purchasing a suit, going to the gym can be a curse sometimes in this department... my arms are usually too tight for most suits I tried on. If anyone has similar proportions or can recommend a mid-tier brand of suit and size I need it would be greatly appreciated. (Did not want to make a new thread) Neck: 16.5 Shoulder to Shoulder-22 Chest-42 Sleeve 22.5 Jacket Length 28 Waist-34 Inseam 32 I'm 5'9 196 pounds if that...
Could someone remind me the name of the Asian user who was a douche and bragged about being richer than everyone but actually had some nice fits
This post made me smile. I live in Nassau Bahamas.. hope you had fun there.
If you could only get one of the Balenciaga pleated sneakers which one would it be? My favorite is red.. but I'm leaning towards black because I could wear them with more outfits
Do any of you guys watch Gordon Ramsey's show called Master Chef Jr. with kids from ages 8-13. It is amazing to these kids cooking and doing the challenges the same way the adult chefs do. Very talented kids... their attention to detail etc is really remarkable for their age.
Salvatore has taken a break from pents making until his modelling contract with The Armoury expires.
lol nope, just was curious. I stick to what I know Romeo y Julieta .
can anyone ID the cigar, Hova is smoking?
This is so dumb.. how does what a next man wears annoy you? eat your food and enjoy your company.
The Hobbit wasnt a great movie. Definitely didnt get absorbed like the first LOTR. Best movie of the year is still Argo to me.
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