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Steve Smith is dope, great seller... got my suit, he even helped me out when I thought I had the wrong size... im now one step closer to Bawler status!
PM'd you man.
Quote: Originally Posted by Makoto Chan FYI, a 4-in-hand knot is easy to tie and looks very nice... try here: Awesome... thx man... that one I can do...
Hey do you still have this one available? 1. NWT RLBL 3 piece suit. The color is a conservative medium gray. This suit is an all-year fabric and style. The material is extremely luxurious and soft. It is fully canvassed and has hand-stitching everywhere. I believe it is mostly handmade. It is a 2-button sb, and it has side-vents. FF pants. 46R thx
Hi all... New to this forum... just got a job that demands I wear suits... I got a BB but am slowly building up a collection of suits better than the OTR suits I have... im gleaning alot of info from this site its amazing... any way I can "easily" learn to tie a windsor? Ive gone to some sites but my eyes just glaze over after the 3rd or so step edit: DOH! just went back a page and saw a picture guide...Ill try that first. nice meeting yall anyways... -rah
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