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Thanks manage to get the shirt and 39 is really too slim for me, manage to get it return and now happy with a 40-84 tokyo slim fit. Cheers
Hi if i am suitsupply 39 slim fit, should i go for tokyo slim 39-87 Thanks
^ damn those gun metal is killin me, waiting for payday
Anybody want to let go their cognac shell longwing size 7.5 Do pm, thanks
Waiting for my cognac double monk
This is nice, hope they come in shell soon. Been 2 weeks on my cherry DB, amazing shoe.
Just got email from meermin the shell double monk is on the way. So excited.
^ thank you , really nice pic, i understand from the web that jap cordovan will crease unlike the horween where it wave. 2 more month waiting for the shell db.
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