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I'm mostly in it for the full bellows. You need full bellows in situations like these. But it's nice to have a material that is as close to the traditional stuff as possible.This was my regular Snowdons' first ever trip. [[SPOILER]]
Thanks! Its made by Belvest (for burberry).
Thanks! Yeah, I would indeed leave it unbuttoned. [[SPOILER]]
Dunno if this should be in casual.
Count me in Thanks for organising this!
Online sizing is difficult as all feet are different. fwiw these were my sizes back in the day before I got fat. - 8.5E all C&J - 9E EG 888 & 82 - 8.5E Carmina Rain - 8 most Santoni - 8.5 Alden modified & Trubalance - 9 Alden (other lasts) - 9.5 Corthay -edit- I find cordovan slightly roomier than calf, even if its the same last & fit.
Aye, lets do it.
Blind eyelets? I missed that. Would prefer eyelets as per regular snowdon.
Im guessing it would look a bit like this boot in this (or similar) leather
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