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Aye, lets do it.
Blind eyelets? I missed that. Would prefer eyelets as per regular snowdon.
Im guessing it would look a bit like this boot in this (or similar) leather
Maybe Skyfall was a better film (more realistic) but to me Spectre was more 'Bond'. More jokes and similarities to the old bonds. Regarding the clothes, there was a brown SC I liked. Wider lapels than the suits. Think it was Bond who was wearing it but it could have been M.
Look here.
Saw the film a few days ago and from what I remember I liked his sportscoat(s?) more than his suits. Wasn't paying too much attention to the clothes though.
With no lining I meant just the shaft unlined tbh. Just like the regular Snowdon. This would be my preference over a lined shaft.
A mate of mine is interested too but lurking for now. This 'zug' leather is heavy enough to make the boot unlined but I'm not too fussed either way. As for my preferances: - waterproof grain (the new 'zug') I heard a pic of the stuff will be posted tomorrow. - full bellows - speed hooks - commando - faux cap toe - no (fur) lining
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