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PSMF team here since yesterday
I doubt 10 miles on the bike is gonna affect your gains much.
Thats very modest of you but I'm fairly sure a near-200kg squat isn't for everyone. Good stuff mate.
At least you're not rounding your back like me, very nice 1RM with that form. 190 is still so far away for me
Yeah I do Ab wheel too. Always try a few standing ones but I'm too weak for full ROM so I just go as far as i can. Still tougher than the kneeling ones which I do afterwards. Just tried some light high bar squats for the first time in ages (for DL warm-up). Will take some getting used to but it was fun, gonna try and switch to high bar in due time.
Nice one, Choc.
Still sucks
Nothing too serious I hope?
Thanks Coldsnap, is it visible now? As some of you already said, I probably should try to go less deep w. low bar form. Just found this one.
Stay safe mate!Wasn't leg day today but i did a few squats to see to what degree my squat form is weight dependent. Trying to keep a big chest and my head up.What do you think, mobility or strength issue? Last one was 90% 1RM.Sorry to keep bothering you guys with this.
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