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Indeed they are, with some slight differences.
Thanks, thats what others have said too but I respectfully disagree. A derby on a round last like the modified is not dressy at all in my books. ( I think this has been a point of discussion before)Another thing someone mentioned (over in SW&D) is that the cargos are too short and that I do agree on. Will have them re-hemmed an inch or so longer.IMO sneakers are a no-go with an outfit like this; boots will probably work best for those who find these shoes too...
Thanks mate, I'm pretty sure the hem can still be undone. I'l have the trousers re-hemmed an inch longer or would you suggest more?
Disagree. i had a chat with a guy who makes (cordovan) wallets and the amount of detail and thought that go into into making one may surprised me (a lot).
^ pics? I'd try something that dissolves fats but isn't too aggressive. In my (limited) experience suede doesn't need much maintenance. Just don't spill fatty substances on your suede shoes. (Suede in the kitchen= no go)
Hmm. I will. Might. Probably won't. Curiosity killed the crat.
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