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Dark oak(?) dover Neeeed.
Excellent job! Well done
Whait whutt? Crocketts on Yoox?
I agree on the last shapes; i really like my rain's. Also agree on the finishing but I like my Crocketts' leather better. Just curious as what to others think as I only have 1 pair of Carmina's
Very nice, G. The polish suits them well. What's your opinion on Crockett vs Carmina when it comes to quality?
Nice boots and, I think, nice jeans.Bad combo though imo. (Gotta be honest, sorry)For a dressy oxford boot to look good under jeans the hem will need to be narrower than what you are wearing and not be cuffed.Wider jeans with cuffs are great for work boots but really don't suit your Shannons.No hate, just trying to help.
There are too many factors that come into play to either qualify the untucked shirt as a MC casual or SWD 'thing'.I agree with Roetzel that the slimmer a shirt's fit is, the shorter it may be. As a result a slim fitting dress shirt wil not necessarily be too long to wear untucked. Also, my formal trousers have a substantially higher rise than my casual jeans due to which I don't have problems with the shirts pulling out when tucked in when worn formally.The more formal...
I wouldn't say so. Untucked shirt with rolled up sleeves is fine in summer imo. Much depends on the individual items though.
Found another pic. of these.
Anyone got any info on the 505? Saw a pair of Dovers on the 505 recently.
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