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No worries, cordovan is quite strong. Should be able to handle this.
Maybe one of the pedals in your car? hard to say (from that pic).
Thanks guys : )I'm no shell expert but in my experience shell thrives under a little pressure, literally.I use a nailbrush wrapped in a regular cotton polishing cloth for shell. The stiff bristles allow me to easily apply a fair amount of pressure to the shell and the cloth prevents the bristles from damaging it. Make sure no bristles stick through the cloth as they will cause small scratches.Do you have pics? That would be a great help.
Another project almost finished. From To
Tailor took them in too much and I'm not sure they can me lengthened anymore
Done, hope this holds up.
As some of you may remember I had a problem with my Galways. The tiniest splash of water (rain of whatever) would cause the finish to blister off. click So I decided to strip the non-grain part entirely and refinish them myself so that the colour won't come off so easily. I hope. one stripped. Or shall I leave them like this?
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