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Stay safe mate!Wasn't leg day today but i did a few squats to see to what degree my squat form is weight dependent. Trying to keep a big chest and my head up.What do you think, mobility or strength issue? Last one was 90% 1RM.Sorry to keep bothering you guys with this.
I'm going lowbar Van Veen; High bar is v. uncomfortable for me for some reason. I'll get some lighter squats done tmr and film those to see how that goes. This was my RPT top set; max effort. Just came back from a good hour of mountain biking; that sure as hell takes its toll on the lower back if ur not used to it. Nice evening to be out on the bike tho.
Thanks mate! Its linnen.
X-post from casual.
Well, if I could squat with decent form I wouldn't be posting formchecks asking for advice.
My training bud says my back rounds more using bar only when warming up than when moderate weight is added. I'll def. start working on mobility, see if that helps. Could be a strength issue too though; good mornings?
Tnx a lot mate, v. helpful!
Tnx : ) [[SPOILER]]
Half Dutch and half a little bit of everything, why?
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