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What Rambo said, Gerry. [[SPOILER]]
Looks a bit like a hybrid between a standard long sleeve polo and a polo camicia. : )
Isn't it a polo camica? (Cuffs) Nice btw. : )
Thanks, its a thick cotton chino. This was yesterday btw.
13yo SC, still from secondary school. We had quite a liberal dress code; SC, tie, no jeans : )
Nice Gerry, like the polo camica and the jacket. Not a fan of the cuffed jeans but thats a personal thing. I just dont like cuffed jeans. But other than that; outstanding : )
Nothing 'wrong' with that fit but it could do with a little more flair. A nice PS could help.
Shirt sleeves a bit too long? Maybe a lighter sweater would be better with the dark jeans and SC.
Nice! Which colour are yours? Bulldog?I don't care much for the plastic-looking buckles on the new version.Got a big fraternity/sorority pool party coming up in a few weeks; good reason to take mine out of hibernation and quit stuffing my face until then. : )
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