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Yeah, takes some time (approx. 1 movie) to horse that sh*t down but then again IF messes up your sense of portion size. 242lbs paused bench felt relatively easy today; making progress : )
500g pasta 400g shredded chicken (Thanks Jarude/Coldsnap(?)) roast walnuts BBQ grilled veggies 1 unfocussed camera One meal a day aint hard : )
Not is I was on the plane too and he had my size
Thanks Ace, that post was a bit of a troll though tbh; I rly don't coordinate what I wear when I go fishing. Shirt is a silk Roda I bought locally a few years ago.
Nice! Which Casino?
Just saw this on FB, srry, had to share.
Better footwear? [[SPOILER]]
Too matchy? [[SPOILER]]
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