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Nice one, TB82 : )
Thanks mate! Its an old Etro. Had it for nearly 10 years now.
Messin' around with the boat.
I haven't had any problems yet just using renovator as post-strippng nourishment; imo it does a good job. My Asquiths, on which I firts tried this a few years ago, are holding up nicely.
The 2-tone are old Santonis that belong to a friend of mine and the chukkas are Bestettis that belong to a forum member who asked me me to colour them. I started off just doing my own (old) shoes but recently several friends and acquaintances have taken an interest in my projects.
Its originally a British naval jacket for bridge personel on submarines. This model is an updated version of the Ursula. I bought it mainly because of the detachable hood which comes in handy when I go fishing. The bag is filled with shoe polishing stuff and fishing tackle in a 50-50 ratio . [[SPOILER]]
X-post Barbour Pegasus Sugarcane Sexsc02 Alden ravello ptb (modified)
Goin away for the a few days : )
Someone asked me the same question yesterday, here's my answer.Applying grease before dying would defy the purpose of stripping the leather with acetone because the greased leather wouldn't absorb the dye properly. I use renovator after dying to nourish the leather.
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