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Lets continue this rain discussion in the shoe care thread.
I'm not trying to bash EG btw; I really like EG. Just think something went wrong with this pair's finishing. Water & leather don't go well together but even leather shoes should be able to handle a little rain without the finish coming off.
You're damn right there's something not quite right with this pair as a little drop of water shouldn't be able to undo the finish. My other pair doesn't have this problem and like I said; I've never seen this before on EGs. I'll wait and see what happens next time they get wet, not that I'll be wearing them in the rain deliberately. I used Saphir's teinture francaise to dye them.
I refinished the Galways thoroughly last night using dye (as normal polish wouldn't help remove the 'sports'), Reno and then Obenaufs. This morning I experimented leaving a single drop of tap water on one shoe for exactly 30min. What do you guys think; contact EG? Though this is just a small spot I hope you can imagine what the shoes look like after a little rain. After last night. The drop The spot
't was just water. I'll do some experimenting tmr with tap water; see what happens.
Meh, I think I can handle it. I can imagine this would be a problem for someone buying his first pair of greens though.Yeah, neither have I. Especially not on EG.
This happens when they get wet. This was the first time round but the second time the same thing happened, just from a little rain.
Nope, its as if the top layer of finish just 'lets go' where it gets wet. Havent seen this before.
I'm a bit disappointed with my new Galways as even a few drops of rain will cause 'spots' on the Dark Oak that are quite hard to remove. I don't want to have to re-dye them after every every small splash. Gonna try some Obenauf now and see if that helps.
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