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Tnx : ) [[SPOILER]]
Half Dutch and half a little bit of everything, why?
What to do to prevent back rounding when squatting? It looks a little worse than it is due to the 'lump' on my lower back I posted about earlier. Doctor said my spine was just fine and the 'lump' is caused by over-pronounced spinal erectors.
True, shorts are a little snug. The shirt is in the soft fabric that polos are made of, dunno what its called.
Hope this isn't too MC-ish for here..
Shirt in soft polo-like fabric.
Tnx Fuji. Yah 400kg big three was my target some time last year, now I'm at 460. (weak squat, but working on that) DL is 205 1rm btw, not 210 (yet) The transition w. the muscle up is where i'm struggling I think though thats probably not my only problem. Might have to go to a playing ground to practice that with with a little jump or so. Also. I made some modifications to my straps and added some motivation not to use them (too much). : )
Alden modified.
Cool stuff Graphic, handstand 4 yoga chicks : ) Any progress w numbers chick? Im annoyed we don't have a good place to practice muscle ups, not that I can do them. I want to be able to do them though, more than improving my DL or squat. (I never scrape shins btw w DL) Also failed bench PR attempt( 120kg) yesterday. Sucks that 5kg can make such a difference. Soon....... Anyone here have tips for the muscle up? Just do a ton of explosive pull ups?
Jup, Meermin and EG Asquith. The colour seems lighter in bright sunlight.
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