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This is what mine look like at the end of a day; wrinkled and untidy. I like it that way as it feels natural.
Somehow I prefer the basic roll to all alternatives when it comes to rolled up shirt sleeves. A rolled sleeve should have an air of casual nonchalance imo, a thing that is undone by any sign of thought or effort having been put into the rolling up.
TK, did u do HIIT in addition to your regular training during ur cut? Alternating lifting and cardio days?
Sounds good mate! Thats my target too. Hope to be there after my cut. Whats ur bf now?
Looking better than 99% out there, Flame. Slow bulk? Strength progress? How's the running going in general, coldsnap? Weird day today, went to the gym feeling dizzy and weak but i finally lifted a new PR (205kg) after several failed attempts over the last few months. After that I did some OHP which is my weakest lift by far but also set a new PR going from 55 to 60kg. Had lots of coffee pre-(fasted)workout, maybe that helped? Few mates coming over to help eat the...
How much difference? Should I be pleased with same weight now easily done raw instead of belted grind? Few months between the 2.
meh, failed squat PR attempt monday tho I quite easily squatted my old belted PR raw this time. Still think 10kg more should be doable.Do you guys notice much difference between belted and raw squats? [[SPOILER]]
Will try that Markl, ty.
Thats plain, not a check. Nice tho : )
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